Fifty Flowers Made My Wedding Dreams Come True

I had a very specific vision for my wedding flowers, but when I priced them out with several local florists the quotes were 3-4 times what I had budgeted. As a result, I began to research alternatives, but was set on live, fresh flowers and didn't want to give up on that dream. Enter FiftyFlowers.....I spoke with their floral designer Violet (is that really her name, I'm dying to know) who was extremely helpful in helping me to brainstorm possible flowers that might work for me based upon some photos I had "pinned" on pinterest. She was really creative and super encouraging, which helped increase my confidence that I might be able to do this myself. After a little more research I decided to be a DIY Floral Bride, and selected Fifty Flowers to help me with my special day.

Fast forward to 3 days before the wedding day, I was super nervous about my flowers arriving on time, but they did with no problem. I followed the online instructions and was well on my way to creating my "dream flowers." My bridesmaids were a huge help, as I definitely couldn't have done this on my own. We were going for an elegant, but classy feel to our flowers and had so much fun putting them together. We didn't stress too much about them being perfect, but just "went with our hearts" in terms of designing the bouquets and centerpieces. Let me tell you, these flowers were fresh and smelled up the whole house. It was wonderful! I thought floral designing would be difficult, but it was actually really easy if you just don't get too wrapped up in things being perfect. And in the lack of perfection came some very beautiful bouquets. I can't even begin to tell you how many compliments we received on our floral arrangements. My grooms mom said it looked like I paid several thousand dollars for them, but I happily let her know that we came in under a grand for all of these amazing flowers!

The best thing about Fifty Flowers was the tremendous support through the whole process. We had a tiny issue with mother nature with one of our flowers, but it wasn't a problem at all. From beginning to end, I felt so much support that helped me to feel confident that I could have the wedding of my dreams, regardless of my budget. Thank you so much Fifty Flowers for being a big part of my dream wedding!

Photos by the amazing Irving photography:

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