DIY Flowers for a Brooklyn Wedding

I've always been into crafts - I scrapbook, paint, decoupage, make candles, you get the picture. Oh, and I like to SAVE MONEY. So when it came to our 180 person wedding in Brooklyn, I was constantly looking for ways to save. Making our own floral centerpieces and my bouquet seemed like such a fun DIY project and a great way to save money. I went online and researched a number of wholesale flower retailers and found that Fifty Flowers seemed to not only have great products and prices, but there were a lot of customers commenting on helpful the customer service was. That really sold me since, while I'm a crafty person, I know little to nothing about flowers. I relied heavily on my flower consultant to help me pick flowers for our wedding, taking into consideration the time of year, the fact that we were transporting the flowers from my parents house in NJ to our venue in NYC, and of course the color, size and uses for the flowers (in this case, I had to make 20+ centerpieces and a bouquet). Prior to ordering our flowers my husband and I took a private flower making class with a local florist in Maryland where we live. She gave us the tips and expert advice we needed to actually create the centerpieces - i.e. how to cut and use floral foam, what to line our boxes with, etc. The flowers arrived right on time for our wedding weekend. After putting them in buckets of water, we packed them in my brothers truck and drove them to our wedding venue. The day before the wedding was so much fun. After our rehearsal brunch with friends and family, a select group of close friends came to our wedding suite and we spent 2 hours arranging all the flowers. It was kind of messy but a ton of fun and we loved our centerpieces. Not only were they super beautiful but we were so proud that we had made them! Oh, and we probably made these for a quarter of the price of a professional florist.

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