Celebration of Life Party

These tulips were used to decorate my home for my mother's "Celebration of Life" Day after her passing (diagnosed with Pancreatic Cancer in January of 2018 and passed June 2018-fought hard!!! unfortunately this cancer is a silent bully and once diagnosed or symptoms arise, it is often too late) when we had over 100 people throughout the day come through my home and share their happy memories, stories, photos and pay their respect to myself, my husband, my 2 sons and my sister. These tulips were her favorite flower and we wanted to honor her in so many special ways! She was a selfless woman who always did for others and had a true passion for her 2 grown girls, 2 son-in- laws, and 2 grandchildren (2 teenage boys-that were her pride and joy in so many ways). She volunteered in her community, donated food to local food pantries, volunteered in the schools when we were young, and continued to with her grandchildren. She never missed a sports game, concert or awards ceremony! We know she will be watching from above forever and ever.... she will be missed! So many people commented on how beautiful the tulips were, and where I got them at this time of year (6/18/18). Thank you for your attention and speedy delivery, your company is delightful and the flowers were so fresh and lasted a LONG time, which helped in our healing process afterwards. Will recommend this site to many!

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