Beautiful Garden Wedding

When my husband and I decided to get married in June, I selected a private home in the woods of northern Pa as our backdrop. It was important to both he and I to keep costs reasonable, as we paid for the wedding ourselves. After consulting with several florists who failed to deliver me with the color, variety, and price of flowers that we envisioned, I turned my attention to The ordering and delivery were easy and thorough. In fact, my delivery of peonies were far developed and open at delivery. I spoke with one customer service representative from, and she was able to deliver an equal number of brilliant peonies the day before the wedding. The garden roses were exquisite, and I highly recommend the mini and regular garden roses as a flower that withstands heat and transport while still having beautifully ruffled petals and blooms.

All in all, aided in making my wedding that much more joyful and vibrant.

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