Backyard Carnival Wedding

Like clockwork, the flowers arrived on the 10:30am FedEx truck. What my nephew hadn't told me upfront when he cut my flower budget with FiftyFlowers, was he was getting some cheaper flowers from another wholesale company! I told him that I didn't care, since he was paying for the flowers, but I couldn't guarantee the quality from the other location but that I could guarantee with FiftyFlowers. After using these other flower I will keep my business with FiftyFlowers.

The lisianthus, peachy cantaloupe garden roses, white rice flower and dusty miller I bought from FiftyFlowers. The others were from a box store that the groom ordered online! The phrase "you get what you paid for" was so true. The mums looked dead with petals hanging, and BRIGHT orange sprayed. I don't know if it was because they were sprayed orange before arriving. By the wedding, I think the only thing holding the petals on the spider mums was the peachy spray paint that I added, to tone down the bright orange that they were sprayed! The hydrangea from this other location were half the size of what I got the week prior for the Charleston wedding from FiftyFlowers. Ryan thought he was saving money...wrong. The salmon colored roses were good quality and turned out okay. But, I wished we had bought it all from FiftyFlowers!

The flowers arrived on Wednesday. I did my double hydrate prep first thing when the flowers arrived and later in the day. The weather in Arizona was 85 and no humidity. It was great as I got to work out in the backyard around the pool. The nights were cool enough that we could keep the buckets of flowers out in the back yard up against the house. Thursday morning I brought the buckets into the kitchen one by one, changing out the water and recutting under water one stem at a time.

Since I was trying to duplicate a bouquet for the bride that she pinned on Pinterest, I also picked up a few stems of a peachy Asiatic lily at the grocery store. The Pinterest original bouquet had peachy pink amaryllis blooms!

My nephew set up a table outside so I could cluster jars, bottles and vases in groups of 3 for the tables, with each table getting one cluster (39 small arrangements total)! I also needed 3 big vases for inside the house, along with 5 small and medium decorated vases for inside, 6 hanging decorated mason jars for the wedding chairs, the bride's bouquet, 8 bridesmaids bouquets, 2 mother of the groom corsages, 2 father bouts, and 9 bouts between the groom and his attendants.

All the arrangements came out great thanks to the beautiful flowers from FiftyFlowers! Thank you!

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