Amazing Summer Wedding Flowers

After much thought and discussion with florists, I decided to go the DIY route on my centerpieces and other reception decor to get exactly what I was looking for for a price that I could afford; I ended up getting my more than I ever dreamed. Everyone who helped with or attended our reception, including myself, could not stop talking about how beautiful the flowers were. The only unfortunate part is that we just had too many flowers and couldn\'t use them all! When the snapdragons arrived, they looked a little sleepy and dropped a few blossoms. But once we gave them a fresh stem cut and put them in cool water and AC, they perked right up and kept their blooms days past the wedding. The timing was perfect: the flowers were delivered on Wednesday (we cut them right away and put them in water), we arranged everything on Thursday, and the wedding was on Friday. Communication with FiftyFlowers was also great. They emailed a picture of the dahlias that I had ordered to me to explain that they were a different color than normal because of the weather. I decided to order the Donna Peach roses instead, and they quickly refunded me the $10 price different. All in all, everything turned out better than I even expected. Thank you FiftyFlowers for helping to make our wedding more gorgeous than we ever anticipated!

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