A Hallmark Love Story

Maggie is the fifth Child of a family of eight. Four brothers, three sisters and Joseph. Her three older brothers are married but Maggie being the first girl to wed it was a big occasion. I am the grandmother and the florist. I have been in the floral business sense before I was a mother. Twenty eight centerpieces is a lot considering I did not receive the flowers until Thursday Dec. 27, 2028. Not because of you but because it was the day after Christmas and no pick up or delivery could happen by FedEx or UPS. I flew in my daughter, Aunt Suzanne to help for I new that I was in trouble with time constraints. "Now for the romantic part of Maggie and John's story. Maggie is a ballerina and a teacher. We live in a military town so often her young students move away. Two dear young ladies had to move and were heart broken to leave Maggie. Well in an effort to console them she explained that their mission was to scout out her future husband. They received from Maggie all qualities needed before any consideration. They found John in there North Carolina church and the rest is history. Telephone contact was made, a few months later visits back and forth. Meetings for Johns parents to meet Maggie and Maggie's Parents to meet John. We soon realized that this was real after a year and the engagement happened. Wedding plans made."

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