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DIY Wedding Planning: A Stress-Free Flower Story

Kelly Stevens-Meister 19 Jul 2022
DIY Wedding Planning: A Stress-Free Flower Story featured image pink and white arrangement

As we all know, DIY wedding planning for some can be daunting, stressful and sometimes overwhelming. I’ve never been a true planner; I’ve always been a ‘fly by the seat of my pants’ kind of gal, but when my fiancé proposed, I knew immediately I didn’t want to follow this same mantra for our wedding day.

I was determined to be a stress-free DIY bride and wanted to ensure that the planning and everything up until and including the day of was stress free and a good time. For my fiancé and I, this is all we wanted. We have been together five years and have a three-year-old daughter, so we wanted our big day to really really feel like “us” and be something special. 
A newly married couple with DIY wedding flowers.

After being a maid of honor in one of my best friends’ weddings, I was introduced to FiftyFlowers. She was set on saving money and told me we were all coming over to drink wine and build bouquets- I thought she was crazy!

I quickly realized her decision to DIY her own flowers was the best option and while not the easiest, gives you complete control over your flowers for your big day. Her flowers were stunning and after that I had my mind made up to use FiftyFlowers and officially live in the moment of a DIY bride. 

Maid of honor and bride building a DIY flower bouquet.

FiftyFlowers was amazing from the beginning. I scheduled some time to speak with a floral consultant, to share some of my inspiration photos, learn more about how they work, and determine how many flowers I might need for our wedding day. I was nervous about even selecting the right quantities, but she was fantastic!

I filled out a questionnaire 24 hours prior to our call and sent inspiration pictures. Immediately on the call she was prepared with flower suggestions, quantities and a fully created recipe chart for me to follow the day I made all of the arrangements. The chart included everything, down to single stems and how many you needed for each bouquet, each centerpiece, each boutonnière, etc.

My consultation was probably about 30 minutes long and after the conversation, I felt comfortable that my flowers would arrive in one piece and that I’d have enough to create my arrangements. 

Scheduling a DIY wedding planning flower consultation.

DIY wedding planning can be stressful enough, however, add a pandemic to the mix and it’s sure to take every bride's anxiety to the next level.

Our wedding was pushed from our original date of June 6, 2020 to August 7, 2020. We honestly crossed our fingers and just hoped we could make our back up date work and the good news is, we got lucky.

Once we finally locked in our backup date, FiftyFlowers was immediately accommodating. After a few emails, my orders were pushed to be delivered to our new wedding date and because a few Peonies weren’t in season they sent me a new selection to quickly choose from and replace those flowers.

Customer service and their entire team couldn’t have been more helpful or thoughtful during such a pressing time. 

Wholesale flowers delivered in boxes.

Our flowers arrived in the two and three days before our wedding day.

During my consultation, I was given instructions for how to prepare when the flowers arrived. We immediately got them into some five-gallon buckets and unpacked into water.

We let them open up overnight in a cool dry basement. I was blown away by the flowers. Not a single one was delivered broken, NOT A SINGLE ONE. They were gorgeous! I was so nervous that they were getting there on a Tuesday and that they wouldn’t survive until the wedding on Friday night. 

Building a bouquet out of wholesale wedding flowers.

We spent that Wednesday evening before the wedding arranging all of the floral arrangements, which included centerpieces, bouquets, boutonnières and a very large pergola piece for our ceremony.

Centerpieces and pergola from wholesale DIY wedding flowers.

FiftyFlowers ensured I was prepared with videos for arranging, my recipe sheet, and a checklist of supplies. The entire process from start to finish was unexpected, in the best way possible. I’m so thankful I went with my gut and decided to opt for DIY wedding flowers and for FiftyFlowers and their amazing team for making our big day so amazing. 

Bride holding DIY wedding flowers bouquet.


About the Author:

Today's featured guest blogger Amanda Crowe, is a FiftyFlowers DIY wedding planning bride and New England Instagram Influencer.

Her vendors include:

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