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Easy DIY Idea: Floral Table Runner with Cremons

Kelly Stevens-Meister 20 Jul 2022
Easy DIY Idea: Floral Table Runner with Cremons

Sometimes a DIY idea is so easy, you wonder why you didn't think of it. 

We recently provided flowers for an easy DIY floral table runner tutorial that the Wedding Chicks were putting together and the result was extraordinary. They created a beautiful, fragrant floral table runner with affordable, dahlia style cremons, assorted ranunculus flowers and whimsical garden roses.

They were going for an ombre color scheme with bold pink, orange, and red fading to an ivory/white hue and between the wholesale flowers from and their easy DIY tutorial, they truly made achieving that look easy and affordable.

Check out the results below, and scroll on for their step-by-step instructions!

An easy floral runner made with cremons, ranunculus and roses.Source Wedding Chicks:


  • Plenty of flowers with their stems cut off
  • Large sheets of poster board
  • Hot glue

Step 1: carefully cut each flower bud off it's stem and arrange the flowers on the poster board.

Step 2: Once arranged, hot glue each flower to the poster board.

This super easy DIY floral table runner project took about an hour to complete.

We recommend being very careful while hot gluing the flowers as burns can and did happen. Anything can happen, when you DIY! 

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