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Budget-Friendly June Wedding Flowers: Gorgeous Blooms Without Breaking the Bank

Kailee Palileo 09 May 2024
Sunflower and rose bridal bouquet and bridesmaids bouquets

There's something truly magical about June weddings. As summer blooms in all its glory, you can tie the knot without outlaying a fortune. Creative thinking and careful planning can help you make every floral detail of your big day perfectly beautiful and budget-friendly. Stick with us as we take you through some of the most enchanting June wedding flowers that will add grace and charm to your special day without burning a hole in your pocket.

Baby's Breath

Baby's Breath bridal bouquet being held in hand

Baby's Breath, with its charming mini white flower clusters, is a pocket-friendly choice that lends a fairy-tale touch to any bouquet or centerpiece. This multi-purpose bloom is a perfect match for a wide variety of wedding themes and color schemes.


Don't let carnations' modest reputation fool you. They're show-stoppers in their own right, offering fabulous value and exquisite beauty. Available in a spectrum of colors, from soft pastels to rich hues, carnations enable you to design gorgeous bouquets and floral arrangements without breaking the bank.


Pink Alstroemeria in a clear vase

Known as Peruvian lilies, alstroemerias are a frugal option that come with long-lasting blooms in an array of colors. They add a lovely texture and depth to bouquets and centerpieces, making them a hot pick for budget-conscious June weddings.


Daisies, with their cheerful charm and natural grace, add a sense of rustic simplicity. Their timeless allure along with their affordability make them a top pick for outdoor or rural-themed weddings.


Sunflower bouquet with pink and orange flowers

Sunflowers, embodying sunshine and joy, are everything a June celebration should be. Their dynamic beauty can either stand solo or mix beautifully with other florals to make impressive, joy-filled arrangements.


Chrysanthemums, with their intricate and richly hued petals, provide substantial value for money and longevity. Their variety in shape and size make them a versatile pick for bridal bouquets and centerpieces.


Feverfew daisies and veronica with stock flowers

Celebrate the season's natural beauty with wildflowers, a budget-friendly option that also adds a hint of rustic charm. Combine diverse blooms like Queen Anne's lace, daisies, and cornflowers to create bouquets that mirror the countryside’s charm.

Money-Saving Tips for Wedding Flowers:

Select Seasonal Blooms: Choosing flowers that are in season during June will help you save while ensuring maximum freshness.

DIY: Consider creating your bouquets and centerpieces with wholesale flowers from a trusted supplier like FiftyFlowers.

Love Greenery: Mix in foliage and greenery to add volume without the need for pricey flowers.

Reuse Flowers: Get more mileage out of your ceremony flowers by repurposing them as reception décor.

Designing a budget-friendly June wedding doesn't mean forgoing finesse or elegance. Careful thought and good planning can help you incorporate stunning but budget-friendly blooms into your special day. Whether you lean towards classic carnations, charming daisies, or radiant sunflowers, there's a world of options awaiting you to make your June nuptials truly memorable.


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