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Cheers to Creativity: Crafting Floral Wine Bottle Toppers

Kailee Palileo 08 May 2024
wine bottle with a yellow flower arrangement on top of it

Gather your friends for a creative and fun-filled get-together with the charm of fresh blossoms. Create enchanting floral wine bottle toppers that add a touch of organic sophistication to any gathering, from sunny garden parties to cozy dinners. Let's dive into a world of imagination and craft these beautiful accessories together, choosing one of our DIY Flower Kits.

What You'll Need:

  • FiftyFlowers DIY Flower Kit
  • Wine bottles
  • Scissors
  • Ribbon or twine (optional)


@fiftyflowers WINE BOTTLE FLOWER ARRANGEMENT🍾🌷 Heres how to make it: Step 1: Wrap the neck of the bottle in plasic wrap. Step 2: Measure and cut floral foam to desired shape. Make sure to cut a hole in the center where the neck of the bottle will be. Step 3: Hydrate your floral foam. Throw it in some water, dont touch it, and once it sinks its ready! Step 4: Gather your flowers. Step 5: Start adding your greenery, then focal flowers. Step 6: Fill in the gaps with filler and accent flowers! 6 simple steps to elevate your gift giving game! Make sure to tag us in your wine bottle creations🍾✨💐 #summervibes #flowershower #nails #DIY #outfitideas #flowers #2024bride #mom #gift ♬ did i tell u that i miss u - adore
  1. Choose Your Flowers:

Start by browsing our selection of fresh blooms. Pick a DIY Flower Kit that suit the vibe and color scheme of your gathering. Order your favorites and get ready for a crafting session with your friends.

  1. Prepare the Flowers:

When your flowers arrive, carefully cut the stems to 3-4 inches and clean them up. Insert the stems of delicate flowers into water tubes to keep them hydrated.

  1. Create Your Arrangements:

Mix and match the flowers to crown your wine bottles. Choose a key flower or a small bunch as the centerpiece, then add more blooms and greenery around it for depth.

  1. Decorate the Wine Bottles:

Place the floral arrangements into the wine bottles, securing any water tubes with floral tape. Ensure the flowers are stable.

  1. Secure with Floral Tape:

Wrap the stems with floral tape to keep them attached to the bottle. Trim any excess tape.

  1. Add Final Touches:

Fluff the petals and add a ribbon or twine for an extra touch, tying it into a bow or knot.

  1. Enjoy and Display:

Show off your floral wine bottles at your event and enjoy the compliments from your friends. These make great conversation starters and personalized mementos.

 Tips for a Fun Crafting Session with Friends:

  • Choose a theme for your event and select flowers that match.
  • Set up a comfortable crafting area with all materials ready.
  • Share the tasks among your friends for an enjoyable group activity.
  • Keep the flowers fresh by spraying them with water and keeping them in a cool place until it's time to display them.
  • Take photos of your creations and share them on social media, tagging FiftyFlowers.

This crafting session is not just about creating something beautiful for your event; it's about spending quality time with your friends and making memories. Cheers to creativity, friendship, and the joy of crafting together!


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