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The Perfect Bouquet for Every Style

Kailee Palileo 30 May 2023
rustic sunflower wedding collection for one of the many wedding flower styles

The countdown to Valentine's Day has begun. And if you haven’t thought about what bouquet and bouquets to buy your sweetie, old flame, or loved one this blog is here to help you decide! When I was working as a florist,  a customer would often come into the shop looking to buy flowers but had no inkling as to what their partner would like. My response to the customer who asked was always “what’s their style?” As a designer, if I was told “my wife loves bling” or “my boyfriend is a minimalist outdoorsy type”, I would have a clear picture in mind of how to design the flower arrangement specific to their style. So, when you’re looking online to buy a bouquet for that special someone, thinking about their sense of style will make the process quick and easy. 


The romantic style is dripping with elements of love. This style embraces the lush tones of red, and dense mixes of flowers, especially roses. The style of the romantic loves a bubbly flute of chilled champagne and proudly professes their emotions in the form of gifts, love notes, and Valentine’s Day celebration. When you’re buying flowers for a romantic, think reds, pinks, and white flowers, stuffed to the brim with roses, carnations, or lilies. A look like the Love Is Kind Red Rose Arrangement is sure to make them jump with glee. 



When your style is vintage, you really LOVE vintage. This classic old soul might enjoy vintage collectibles and apparel.  The vintage flower lover will be swooning over bouquets that look like they came from another decade. When you’re buying flowers for this special person, think of what Lucille Ball would have received. Think about how Frank Sinatra would have treated his lady love. Look no further than the 12 Long Stem Roses Valentine's Day Bouquets Delivered.


The organic personality style is rooted in nature. Their inspirations come from the colors produced by towering evergreen trees, blue waters of flowing rivers, and the astounding mixture of wildflowers. Someone who finds their sense of style mimicking nature loves a bouquet that looks as if it was gathered from the trails they love to hike. This style can be found in a variety of products on the FiftyFlowers website, but one that supremely reflects that beauty with a romantic twist is the Sunflowers At Sunset Online Centerpieces For Mom. The bright sunflowers mirror the beauty of the star shining above us, giving life to our entire planet, and what a significant romantic gesture. 

Tropical Flower Arrangement


The tropical personality is drawn to warm island vibes. They long for those days of summer when flowers grow abundantly everywhere and can only be complemented with a mixed frozen drink. That warm and humid ecosystem is home to so many of our most colorfully displayed cultures. That easy breezy love of yours will transport them to the island of their dreams with the Dark Tropical Storm DIY Flower Collection


The Modern sense of style is focused on the future. Always thinking about the freshest and hottest trends. You will be on the right track if you look for the unusual when buying a gift for the modern stylist. Nothing could be more contemporary than these long-stemmed exquisite red roses. The Roses Spiral Valentines Flower Arrangement is designed by hand to perfectly display in an upright and twirling motion once removed from the box. This unique vase, wild design, and high quality of roses will leave your modern love interest stunned.

Cottage Core

A person whose soul resonates with the cottage core vibe is in love with the rural beauty of the countryside. As the name implies, this style is centered around the desire to live in a cottage, crafting your own tea with foraged greens and flowers, and spending time sewing or reading in front of a fire. And what flowers would you buy this free spirit? Well, really anything! But, the Dainty Pearl White Flower Bouquets should be at the top of your list. This bouquet of lush white roses, wide-open anemones, and other complementary flowers and greens were designed specifically for the Cottage Core lover in mind. 

County Blues Flower Arrangement in Hand


Calling all purple lovers! Or those who feel at their brightest in the dark. Someones whose style is moody is anything but! Bring on the 90% black wardrobe, a sense of calm in the light of the moon, and a perpetual fascination with the macabre. You might call them goth, emo, scene, punk, or a name all their own, but we’ve got the perfect bouquet of flowers for them! The Country Blues Fresh Flower Bouquet uses some of the darkest shades of flowers available, including the Midnight Plum Mini Calla Lilies. 

Now that you’ve got a comprehensive understanding of the motivations and inclinations of each one of these styles, you’re ready to buy! Your sweetie will be flabbergasted when you order them a bouquet that resonates with their soul’s vibe. Valentine’s Day is that wonderful time of year where you can celebrate the profound and heartfelt symbolism of the holiday. Now go share the love! 

Photos courtesy of FiftyFlowers.

Originally written by Mariah Hebbeln.

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