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Five Basket Bouquet Ideas For Your Wedding

Christina Felt 28 Jul 2022
Five Basket Bouquet Ideas For Your Wedding

The basket bouquets of days gone by are coming back, and this trend gives couples the opportunity to personalize their day in a unique way!  Basket bouquets can complement a diversity of wedding styles from the most casual atmosphere to the most formal event simply by changing the flowers and the basket style. Here are a few ideas for how to incorporate basket bouquets in your wedding, but let your creativity guide your adaptation of this trend for a wedding that is a reflection of you. 

Basket bouquets are right at home in a country style wedding.  Using a classic chipwood picnic basket complete with a gingham liner alongside brightly colored blooms, these florals create a perfect relaxed summer vibe.  Roses and dahlias make great focal flowers while airy yellow blooms alongside the eye-catching eryngium thistle work together to produce a charming bouquet.  This look is created from the Cotopaxi Gold Centerpiece, part of our pre-made collection to help take the stress out of wedding flowers. 

The cottagecore aesthetic is definitely on trend, and a wicker basket lays the foundation for this garden cottage style bouquet.  Garden roses, anemones, and dahlias take the stage while delphinium and sweet peas add a lighter component to the bouquet.  This basket bouquet shows an abundance of florals and looks like you could have picked the flowers in the countryside on your way to the wedding.  These well-curated blooms are found together in the Fifty Flowers Sugar Plum DIY Flower Kit.  

Baskets aren’t the only vessel appropriate for a basket bouquet, and this timeless wood bucket with gold accents is perfect for a vintage style wedding.  The fall colored florals look gorgeous together with the wood.  Lush peach and blush roses pair beautifully alongside the airy orange and rust red butterfly ranunculus creating a rich color palette.  Traditional apricot ranunculus and baby eucalyptus create layers of texture to complete this bouquet.  For a vintage wedding, a basket bouquet is sure to turn heads! 

Boho brides will love the look of dried florals arranged in a multi-toned egg basket.  The monochrome florals bring in so many textural elements to create a basket bouquet with a lot of visual interest even though things are all in the same color palette.  Dried pampas grass creates a strong starting point for this bouquet and could be a lovely element to repeat in other floral wedding decor.  Bleach dried fern, white dried Italian ruscus, dried bunny tails, and dried lunaria come together beautifully to create this bouquet that will last long after the wedding day and can become a beautiful addition to the couple’s new home.  

Sweet pinks and purples create a romantic look in this classic white handled basket.  Roses, sweet pea, and celosia are the perfect combination for this fairy-tale basket bouquet.  For brides looking to save time, this Cotopaxi Pink Centerpiece is part of our ready-to-go florals collection.  Once the bouquet arrives, it can easily be arranged in the basket you choose! Remember to use floral Oasis or a smaller vessel with water to arrange the flowers inside your basket and improve the longevity of your flowers throughout your wedding day.  

When creating a basket bouquet, the flowers are obviously the main focus, but the vessel you choose can also completely change the look of the bouquet.  The following tips can help guide your decision making as you create this look for your wedding.

-Choose a vessel with a handle. This will obviously help the bride or bridesmaid manage their basket bouquets with ease. One of the best parts of the basket bouquet is their portability and ability to be transported easily without needing to find a vase.  

-Think about texture and materials.  Vintage copper pots, rustic tin buckets, or sleek gold containers all add metallic elements and can help create continuity for other metallic wedding accents.  Maybe you want a more traditional basket, but there are so many types of baskets, the look can change dramatically.  From seagrass to rattan to wicker to colorful artisan woven baskets, the textures and shapes are endless! Have fun choosing baskets that best fit the aesthetic of your wedding- a trip to the thrift store with your bridesmaids could make a fun afternoon.  

-Personalize it!  Basket bouquets are a great opportunity to add meaningful elements to your flowers.  Ribbons, bells, or charms are all easy to tie on the handle of the basket and can incorporate decorative features that can be repeated throughout the wedding decor.  You could even attach a small photograph to your basket, a little way to have those who can’t join you on your special day be close to you through your flowers.  

-Consider the size of your vessel.  Smaller vessels obviously need less blooms and can be another way to help your flower budget.  A basket that is too oversized might get heavy, so make sure the size of your vessel filled with stunning flowers will still be manageable to hold throughout the day.  

The number of basket bouquet ideas are as endless as the number of brides.  Flowers help create the story of the wedding and can be an authentic way to represent your story as a couple. Basket bouquets are a great way to tell your story in a personalized way that is even more authentic to you. Hopefully these ideas can get your creative juices flowing on how to incorporate this trend as a part of your celebration! 


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