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Orchid Care 101: Your Essential Guide to Keeping Orchids Thriving

Kailee Palileo 09 May 2024
Purple, blue, yellow, and white orchids on a table up close

The allure of orchids lies in their remarkable beauty and versatility, making them a favorite amongst floral aficionados, including us at FiftyFlowers! With their delicate petals, orchids lend an air of sophistication to any floral design – from centerpieces to bridal bouquets. But these charmers need a bit of extra TLC to ensure they're looking fresh throughout any arrangement. Let's delve into how to best care for your fresh cut orchids, so they can keep blooming beautifully in your designs.

Orchids Unveiled:

Fresh cut orchids, harvested with care from their mother plants, are tastefully used to craft stunning floral displays. With the wide array of shapes, sizes, and colors available - from the elegant Phalaenopsis to the vibrant Cymbidiums and Oncidiums – these blooms are a hot pick for designers who seek to infuse luxury into their arrangements.

Top Tips for Fresh Cut Orchid Care:

Girl with yellow orchids in front of her and arranging greenery

Stem Care:

As soon as your fresh cut orchids are in your care, trim the stems at a 45-degree angle using clean, sharp scissors or floral shears. This helps with better water absorption and keeps the stems unblocked, preventing early wilting.


Hydrate your fresh cut orchids in a clean vase with room-temperature water mixed with a floral preservative. Be sure to change the water every two to three days and give the stems a little trim each time.

Climate Control:

Fresh cut orchids thrive in temperatures between 65°F to 75°F (18°C to 24°C). Find a spot away from direct sunlight or heat sources to stop these delicate blooms from wilting early.

Humidity Haven:

Orchids thrive in humid environments. Keep them happy by misting them with water or using a humidifier nearby. This practice keeps the blooms fresh by preventing them from drying out.

Crafting a Humid Environment:

Creating a humid environment for your orchids can be done with a simple plastic bag placed over them while they are in the vase. This trick traps moisture and forms a microclimate around the blooms, extending their freshness. Don't forget to remove the bag after a few hours for proper airflow.


As the blooms start to fade, prune them off the stems with clean scissors. This encourages new growth and maintains the aesthetics of your floral arrangement.

Common Orchid Care Slip-Ups to Avoid:

Six vases with colored orchids in them

Bouquet Bunching:

Avoid overcrowding fresh cut orchids in a vase. This might hinder airflow and result in wilting sooner. Give each stem enough space for longer life.

Avoid Dirty Water:

Ensure the water in your arrangement is always clean. Regular water changes prevent bacterial growth. Also, adding floral preservative helps nourish the blooms.

Hydration Neglect:

Fresh cut orchids need frequent hydration. Make sure they have a good water supply at all times to avoid dehydration.

Treat your fresh cut orchids right, and they'll grace your arrangements with their beauty for days, even weeks. Keep in mind the care tips we shared, dodge the common mistakes, and you're set to create gorgeous, long-lasting arrangements with these exquisite blooms. Take the time to care for these stunners and relish in their lasting natural beauty. Now, go ahead, and create floral magic with orchids!


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