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Fresh Cut Sweet Peas: Tips for Longevity and Display

Kailee Palileo 04 Jun 2024
Pink, hot pink, blush, and purple sweet peas up close

If you're a DIY enthusiast who loves bringing fresh flowers into your home, sweet peas should be on your list. These delicate blooms are known for their lush petals and delightful fragrance. But how do you make them last? And how can you display them to get the most out of their natural beauty? Let's explore some handy tips to keep your fresh cut sweet peas looking and smelling wonderful for as long as possible.

Why Sweet Peas?

Sweet peas are charming and versatile flowers that can brighten any space. They come in a variety of colors, from soft pastels to vibrant hues, and their scent is heavenly. Whether you're decorating a table, sprucing up your living room, or preparing for a special event, sweet peas are a fantastic choice.

Preparing Your Sweet Peas

Blush sweet peas in a white vase

Once you've got your fresh cut sweet peas, it's time to prep them for display. Proper preparation can significantly extend their vase life.

  • Trim the Stems: Cut the stems at a diagonal angle using a sharp clean knife or garden shears. This increases the surface area for water absorption. Make sure to trim about an inch off the end.
  • Remove Lower Leaves: Strip off any leaves that will be submerged in water to prevent rot and bacterial growth.
  • Hydrate: Place the sweet peas in a clean vase filled with fresh, cool water immediately after cutting. If you have flower food, place that in the water to dissolve to lengthen the life of your blooms.

Arranging Your Sweet Peas

Now that your sweet peas are prepped, you can move on to the fun part—arranging them! Here are some ideas to get you started:

  • Mix and Match: Combine sweet peas with other seasonal flowers like tulips, roses, or dahlias for a fuller bouquet.
  • Solo Show: A bunch of sweet peas in different colors can create a stunning and simple arrangement.
  • Height Variation: Play with stem lengths to add depth and dimension to your display.
  • Fragrant Bouquet: Pair with other sweet smelling flowers like peonies or lilies.

Keeping Your Sweet Peas Fresh

Sweet pea flat lay with flower names next to the flowers

To enjoy your sweet peas for as long as possible, follow these maintenance tips:

  • Change the Water: Refresh the water in your vase every two days. Clean water is key to prolonging the life of your flowers.
  • Trim the Stems: Every few days, re-trim the stems to keep them absorbing water efficiently.
  • Avoid Direct Sunlight: Keep your vase in a cool spot away from direct sunlight and drafts. Sweet peas prefer cooler temperatures.

Creative Display Ideas

Why not get a little creative with how you display your sweet peas? Here are a few ideas:

  • Charming Touch: Use a vintage teapot or mason jar as a vase for a charming, timeless look.
  • Floating Blooms: Fill a shallow bowl with water and float a few sweet pea blossoms for a delicate centerpiece.
  • Hanging Arrangements: Create a hanging display using a wooden frame and some twine. Attach small jars or vials filled with water and sweet peas for a whimsical touch.
Salmon colored sweet pea stem

Sweet peas are a lovely addition to any event or home, and with a little care, you can keep them fresh and beautiful for days. By following these tips, you’ll not only extend the life of your blooms but also create stunning displays that showcase their natural charm.

Ready to get started? Grab some sweet peas, put these tips into practice, and watch your space come to life. Happy arranging!


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