Wow! Very pleasantly surprised!!!

My family has been in the floral business for many many years- and although my mother and my sister are no longer working in the industry- I knew I wanted them to do my flowers. My sister did the flowers for her best friends wedding just a few months earlier- and they used My sister said the prices were unbeatable, the service was amazing, and the flowers were great quality. So, I decided to give them a try. I had so much fun looking through all of the options! It was a little overwhelming, but my sister helped me narrow down my gigantic Wish List, and we placed our order.

The flowers were delivered to my mothers house. Working in the flower industry- she has unpacked bulk shipments of flowers many many times- so she had an idea of what to expect. Even she was amazed how well everything arrived! The flowers perked up amazingly- and wow did they last. Even well beyond the wedding day!

In the words of my mother- "The flowers from were some of the highest quality flowers I have ever worked with. I'm very impressed."

As the bride- I was extremely happy with the price. I got everything I needed, was well under budget, and I had flowers to spare! I would absolutely recommend to any bride looking to do their own flowers! What an amazing bargain.

Thank you for making my wedding dreams come true! Everything was absolutely beautiful!


One Happy Bride!

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