Whimsical Roses

I knew that I wanted to have fresh flowers at my wedding but quickly realized that I can't afford to get them from a florist. So I asked my mom and two friends if they'd be willing to help me do my own centerpieces and bouquets. They were thrilled to help!

The problem was that I didn't really have a vision for my wedding. Vendors would ask my theme, and I'd simply answer "Wedding." I had no idea what I wanted. So I logged into www.FiftyFlowers.com and started looking at alllllll the flowers. I initially wanted just greenery, but the more I looked, the more I was drawn to the flowers. I ended up purchasing some flowers I've never heard of (lisianthus), 200 cream roses, and a few bunches of lemon leaf greenery, and I patted myself on the back for making such a big decision.

Fast forward to the week of the wedding: the flowers arrived on Wednesday and Thursday morning for our Saturday wedding. FiftyFlowers called me within minutes of signing the FedEx receipt to make sure that I was comfortable with how to care for them. I was really impressed with the level of service that I received from FiftyFlowers. The website said the flowers would be sad from being in a box during shipping, but they were beautiful straight out of the box! I trimmed their stems and gave them plenty of water and they bloomed over the next few days.

The roses bloomed into the biggest roses I have ever seen in my entire life. They were unbelievably huge!

On Friday morning, the four of us took the flowers to the venue and got to work. Megan trimmed the leaves and stems while Hillary filled the vases. My mom added whimsical gold swirly things from the craft store, and tied the ribbons around the vases. I arranged the bouquets for my bridesmaids and my own bouquet. It took about 4 hours from start to finish and in the end, we had 5 bouquets, 22 large centerpieces, 8 small centerpieces and some greenery table runners. It was absolutely stunning. I was crying happy tears as we left the venue, completely overwhelmed by how beautiful and perfect everything was.

We completely forgot about the boutonnieres until the morning of the wedding! My mom made two of them, and my brother's girlfriend made the other 5 while we were getting dressed. The lisianthus was a perfect choice for the boutonnieres! They paired well with our roses, and I loved the whimsical look of the buds that hadn't bloomed yet. Simple and elegant all around.

We got so many complements on our centerpieces! They were elegant, and charming and perfect. I loved having so many flowers and having enough to put on the guest book table, the cake, and on every table at the reception. It was more than I could have ever hoped for.

Unfortunately, my grandmother was in the hospital on my wedding day and was unable to attend. We took her one of the centerpieces the next day, and my aunt had also sent her red roses. We mixed the two vases together and it was really pretty. You can see in the pictures how small the normal red roses from the florist are compared to the cream roses from FiftyFlowers.

I absolutely loved the flowers at my wedding. It was easy and fun to arrange them, and I couldn't be happier with them and with the amazing ladies who helped make it work.

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