Romantic Perfection

I had envisioned a whimsical and romantic feel for my big day. I met with a few florist and was just not happy with not knowing exactly what flowers I was going to get on my big day. I did a trial run with 50 flowers for my bridal shower and found the roses to be Beautiful, easy to care for and the customer service to be fantastic. When my big day arrived I was ready to care for all the flowers. Again customer service was great with questions I had. All of the flowers opened up beautifully! My bridesmaids, my mom and I put all the flowers together the day before the wedding. My one friend Jackie took the lead on doing all the bouquets. My two friends Ashley and Jen put together two huge beautiful church displays and the rest of us attacked the rest of the decorating of the venue. I just did a greenery runner of eucalyptus down our tables. We put other small vases of flowers around the church and venue to decorate. We were able to make a couple other large displays on top of our two huge church displays. Everything turned out perfect!! Could not have been happier with the decision to do our own flowers. They came out so good, the photographer said it was the best DIY flowers he had ever seen and couldn't believe that we had done them ourselves Thank you Fifty Flowers!

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