Romantic New Orleans Plantation Wedding

I have always known that I wanted my mom to do my wedding flowers. But once that time came, we weren't sure how to actually make that happen! Insert Fifty Flowers. Fifty Flowers truly provides everything you need to create the flowers of your dreams and in our experience, the customer service was impeccable. We took a bit of risk and decided to do the flowers for our destination wedding. This meant that we were working on a limited time frame, with limited space, and had to have everything shipped to and assembled at our hotel. We got the flowers in water as soon as possible and let them sit in a cold room for a little less than 24-hours before getting to work. Together, my mom, myself, and one assistant completed six large bridesmaid bouquets, a massive bridal bouquet, and 8-10 small table arrangements in about 4 hours. While none of us are florists by any means, my mom is an experienced and talented gardener for many years so she has a natural knack for knowing how to design and arrange flowers. The end result was beyond what I ever dreamed of and absolutely stunning. The flower quality was incredible and there were very few flowers we had to discard. I couldn't be happier with how everything turned out!

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