Rehearsal Dinner Delight

Our son's rehearsal dinner was held in the beautiful Virginia countryside. The venue was a farmhouse next to the wedding barn venue. In planning the event, I wanted to have an elegant candle lit dinner using lush greenery. I found Fifty Flowers on-line and was nervous at first to order greenery from a company I had not heard of and sight unseen. When placing my order I used the chat feature to ask questions about the product and to determine how much I needed. Once I ordered the company called to verify the order and kept me up to date with the shipping. When the greenery arrived I was very happy with the quality and it smelled amazing. The greenery was delivered on Tuesday and we decorated on Thursday for the Friday dinner. The greenery held up very well until the event. The night was just what we had hoped it would be and our son and his bride were thrilled with the decorations. I was very pleased and would recommend Fifty Flowers to anyone.

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