Perfect Flowers for the Perfect Day

First of all, the reason why I got married in May was just because of wanting Peonies to be my flower. They have been my favorite flower since I was a little girl. They smell soooo GOOD and look so pretty! Unfortunately, peonies can be very expensive and I was on a budget getting married after just finishing grad school. At first I wanted to do a venue with a wedding planner, but I couldn't like not being so involved with the decisions. My aunt offered her home to be the venue. That led me to planning my wedding in a year while finishing grad school and working 20 hours a week. That is why I am so thankful for FiftyFlowers! They gave me the freedom to order exactly what I wanted -- a bunch of peonies-- and design my bouquet and flower arrangements how I wanted. The company was so easy to work with and the texted me through the process of how to care for the flowers to make sure that they opened up properly. A bonus was that because I was getting married at the end of that season for the flowers I was able to get them discounted, allowing me to afford more flowers! I had plenty for what I was wanting.

In the end, I did a mix of fake flowers with real ones. I wanted my bouquet to be real and any other flowers the guests were coming into close contact with. The rest of the flowers were from Hobby Lobby and Amazon (all the greenery). My bouquet was one of my favorite things from my wedding. It turned out perfect. I made it the morning of the wedding to make sure it was fresh and it only took 10 minutes! I just stripped the leaves off the stems, cut them down and tied them together.

The other locations that I used peonies was hanging from mason jars on shepherd hooks along the aisle, those were moved to the reception tables following the ceremony. I also saved a few to go on the cake that my mom made from scratch.

Anyone can achieve this with Fifty Flowers! None of my family has a career or job in party planning or flower arrangements, but the day was just as perfect as the flowers thanks to Fifty Flowers.

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