Find Multicolored flowers at Fiftyflowers! Multicolored flowers are exciting and stimulating novelties, electrifyingly stirring in their unique and distinctive looks that can elevate any event to the highest level with style and exuberance. The best color pairs with these flowers depend on exactly what you choose. Whatever color your multicolored flowers is, use different flowers of the individual colors to create a beautiful combining effect in your arrangements of two intermingling to become one—a perfect metaphor for your perfect day.

Make Your Own Flower Centerpieces Combo Box


Bright Bohemian Mix Flower Pack

from $129.99

Farm Fresh Cut Hydrangea Flowers

from $49.99

Farm Fresh Cut Ranunculus Flowers For Your House

from $74.99

Red Heliconia Tropical DIY Flower Collection

from $79.99

Wildflower Bulk Centerpiece

from $109.99

Fresh Cut European Garden Roses for Your House

from $99.99

Passion Pack Fresh Cut Tulips

from $59.99

Farm Fresh European Cut Alstroemeria For Your House

from $49.99

Farm Fresh Flowers For Your House Stock

from $48.99

Honolulu Heat Tropical Centerpiece

from $154.99

Havana Breeze Centerpiece

from $179.99

Guava Delight Tropical Centerpiece

from $179.99

Bright Bohemian Wedding Centerpieces

from $89.99

Bulk Spring Flowers Mothers Day Mixed Box


Masquerade Ball Dried Rose Petals

from $74.99

Peony and Lilac Dried Petal Blend

from $139.99

Bright Sorbet Dried Rose Petals

from $74.99

Festival Fresh Flower Mix Combo Pack

from $199.99

Crown Jewel Valentines Day Flower Arrangement


Surprise Proposal Centerpiece

from $59.99

Garden of Eden Centerpiece

from $59.99

Nightlife Centerpiece

from $44.99

Sweet Liberty Centerpieces

from $44.99

Beach Blanket Tropical Centerpiece

from $154.99

Jungle Hideaway Tropical Centerpiece

from $159.99

Woodland Rose Flower Arrangements


Farm Mix Classic Centerpieces


Magical Masquerade Table Arrangements

from $134.99

Butterfly Centerpiece

from $78.99

Splash of Color Centerpiece

from $104.99

Bright Sorbet Fresh Rose Petals

from $69.99

Red, White and Purple Rose Petals

from $69.99

Tricolor Delux Strung Lei

from $164.99

Romantic Night Fresh Cut Mayra Roses


Farm Fresh Cut Gerbera Daisies For Your House

from $44.99

Tulip Love Valentine Bouquet


Preserved Quilotoa Rose

from $139.99

Preserved Lava Rose

from $139.99

Preserved Cayambe Essence Rose

from $139.99

Preserved Atacazo Rose

from $139.99

Preserved Altar Love Rose

from $139.99

Classic Holiday Glitter Airbrushed Billy Balls

from $54.99

Flaming Paradise Parrot Tulip

from $129.99

Cotton Candy Tinted Tulips

from $279.99

Bicolor Red and Yellow Sweetheart Roses

from $139.99