Metallic Geo Rustic Backyard Wedding

Savannah State University - Summer 2009 is where their story began.
In the computer lab was a strange young man, who liked to do homework with a drank in his hand.
In walked a girl who had a dream, who'd seen him and thought it was the weirdest thing.

He wasn't her type. He wasn't her style. He had to grow on her for a very long while.
A few days later, he began to gain her favor.
She still didn't like his style, but by now he made her smile.
They took long strolls around campus, and had long talks that sparked her interest.
It wasn't long before he decided to make her his Mrs.

Still unconvinced the chase continued; 9 years later a wedding's on the menu.
Long distance made their hearts grow fonder.
God and music made their bond even stronger.
Two halves on one stroll made a commitment to become whole.
The couple can't wait to have you witness their union, to tell the tale of a love story they hope will never grow old.

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