Finally, happily ever after

At 39, I'd begun to resign myself to the single life more long term. But, then a co-worker harassed his son until he called me for a date. Within 6 months we were engaged, and 4 months later we were wed. I was strongly tempted by the trendy fabric flowers, which are beautiful and cost effective, but my mom put her foot down. I found and everyone was happy with the result. We had a room full of people prepping the flowers on Thursday after their delivery. On Friday, we had even more people packed in my tiny 800 sq foot house to prepare the flowers. My 16 and 19 year old nieces prepared all the boutonnieres and corsages! On the boutonnieires we added a tiny fabric flower to make it pop, so I was happy! My aunts Mary and Judy and close friend Haley prepared the bridesmaid and bridal bouquets. We only had to make one run back to craft store to get more flower tape. Even though the ladies were all crafty and quite competent, they all got nervous when it came to the bridal bouquet. So with a glass of wine in hand, my brother stepped in and arranged the beautiful bridal bouquet. I was overwhelmingly impressed with the quality of the flowers! Just look at my sweet grandma who had the flowers delivered to her a week later, after an 8 hour car trip! Thank you It was worth waiting 39 years!

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