FiftyFlowers Saved the Day with Gorgeous Anemones

We ordered our most expensive flowers from FiftyFlowers because we just couldn't afford to pay florist markups on garden roses and anemones. We had the flowers shipped to a florist, who assembled them and added in greenery and filler. FiftyFlower's biggest win was the depth of their flower farm relationships - they were the only ones out there who were able to find anemones and ship them within 24 hours. Moreover, they turned out to be some of the most beautiful anemones I've ever seen. They stole the show as I had florist after florist tell me anemones were "horrible this season" and impossible to find.

The anemones by themselves have convinced me that every bride should order their most expensive flowers from FiftyFlowers! But on top of the anemones, we got incredible, huge garden roses that turned out so much bigger and more magical than the local shops. We purchased the mixed whimsical garden rose pack - the soft pink O'Hara roses were so romantic and amazing. They smelled like perfection and made me feel like royalty. Don't hesitate: save yourself time, money and worry by just ordering through FiftyFlowers. We were able to have the look we wanted for a fraction of retail florist prices.

Extra props to the customer service team, who texted back and forth with me to make sure the roses were perfect and pulled off a miracle by finding incredible anemones. Thank you.

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