Elegant & Rustic Eucalyptus Dream

Just like everyone else, I ended up ordering from FiftyFlowers because of budget. And it was totally worth it! My dream wedding included lots and lots of greenery, and through the help of FiftyFlowers and friends, my dreams came trued beyond what I ever imagined. Of course I was sooo nervous that I wouldn't have enough eucalyptus... I ordered 15 bunches silver dollar and 5 bunches Wedding DIY and had PLENTY. And I mean plenty. Our bouquets were huge, and I had more garlands than I had expected. It was a very simple bouquet (I ordered 125 white roses from Sam's Club), but I loved it! Lovely friends of mine went and cut boxwood and random greenery in the woods and we used that for the centerpieces and place settings. Surround yourself with great friends, and get it will be a breeze and so much fun!

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