Cowboy Boho

Luke and I got married on a private ranch in Livermore, Colorado (thanks to our family friends!). He's a real-life cowboy, looooves flowers (he'll admit it), and my father has called me his flower child for as long as I can remember. We wanted a super fun, very laid back, hippie met a cowboy atmosphere but we wanted it to be as beautiful as the Colorado Rockies where the wedding was. That meant it had to be wildflowers. Our centerpieces were just bottles from kombucha and vinegar and things like that that we collected over a year. Mostly amber bottles and jars with some green, blue, and clear tossed in here and there. We ordered the Wildflower DIY kit and the California Wildflower kit and they went together so very perfectly. Everything looked simple, rustic, outdoorsy, and absolutely stunning. Plus, it was very low stress, incredibly simple, and matched the whole rustic boho vibe we were going for. I did all the centerpieces and bouquets myself the morning of the wedding, which people told me I was nuts to do, but it was honestly so fun and relaxing! The flowers arrived on the Wednesday before our Saturday wedding. I sent them to a friend's house because country mail service runs a bit late. As we pulled them from boxes to trim and place in water, I just got more and more excited. I've never been into flowers all that much, but they were so gorgeous I nearly cried. Our friend (who took all our brilliant photos) had drawn us the wildflowers inside boots upon request for our wedding invitation, and it sparked all the boots filled with flowers from our photos that lined the aisle and adorned all our buffet tables (we put glasses with water in the boots to keep the flowers happy all day). I love lavender, it's my favorite, but I was unreasonably thrilled with how incredible all the flowers were, particularly the thistles. We had an amazing, fun-filled day overflowing with love and beauty. I'd absolutely recommend FiftyFlowers to anyone who doesn't want to hire a florist, for whatever reason. For us, we saved a significant amount of money and still managed to create exactly what was in my imagination. FiftyFlowers was simple, straight-forward, and incredibly affordable, and because of them, our wedding day was extra stuffing (and so are our photos).

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