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Fresh Alstroemeria are hardy stemmed flowers that feature 4 to 6 blooms per stem and will add that delicate feel to all flower arrangements from your bridal bouquet to table centerpieces. Alstroemerias are considered a filler flower offering lots of volume for a fabulous price point. Fresh Cut Flowers are extremely easy to arrange so go ahead and use them in your wedding bouquet, wedding arches, large ceremony arrangements, and great for designing boutonnieres, and corsages.  Available year-round and offered in all colors under the rainbow, Alstroemerias are one of our favorite picks for all DIY flowering! 

Lavender Peruvian Lilies

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Pinky Lavender Peruvian Lily Flower

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Bulk Alstroemeria at FiftyFlowers

At FiftyFlowers, bulk alstroemeria is one of our favorites to include in our DIY packs. Wholesale alstroemeria comes in an abundance of colors and adds a delicate touch to your flower arrangements. These flowers are considered a filler flower, making it versatile in arrangements. Whether it be a wedding, birthday, or even just a gift for yourself, wholesale alstroemeria works for any occasion. FiftyFlowers features fresh alstroemeria flowers in many arrangements, a few of which being the alstroemeria spiral valentines flower arrangement and the happy holiday flower package alstroemeria.

All you need to know about bulk Alstroemeria varieties

These beautiful trumpet shaped blooms have soft petals and a minimal scent. Most of the blooms are two-toned with brown freckles on the petals. Alstroemeria is also known as peruvian lilies. The meaning of peruvian lilies is wealth, prosperity, fortune and friendship. Add the extra special symbolism into your event and use peruvian lilies. They make for a great focal flower, or filler flower. They have enough personality on their own, it makes them easy to arrange! The volume that our wholesale alstroemeria fresh flowers bring is what makes it a staple in our DIY packs.

Each stem has 4 to 6 blooms and each bunch contains about 10 stems. The minimum stem length is going to be 18 inches and the average bloom width ranges from 2 inches to 4 inches. FiftyFlowers offers these beautiful fresh flowers year round in 5 quantities sold. Some colors have an option for 2 bunches, but all alstroemeria will have the option of 5 bunches, 8 bunches, 12 bunches, and 24 bunches. Our prices vary depending on the color and quantity of alstroemeria you choose, check out our website for more information. At FiftyFlowers we do recommend your delivery date to be at least 4 days before your event to allow time for the flowers to rehydrate and bloom completely. If your desired delivery date is unavailable, contact our award-winning customer service team to see if a rushed delivery is an option for you. Once you receive your order of our fresh bulk alstroemeria flowers, they will appear wilted, their blooms will be closed, and they will be a different color than you expected. This is completely normal for this type of flower. All you must do is follow our flower care instructions and your blooms should be exactly what you imagined.

Where can you use bulk alstroemeria?

At FiftyFlowers, we make your flower needs easy. Ordering your alstroemeria fresh flowers in bulk saves you money and allows you to have more creative freedom with your arrangements! Wholesale alstroemeria fresh flowers have a wide variety of possible uses. You can dress them up, or dress them down. Check out our website to check out what we have created for inspiration. They fit for any occasion, any time of year. Some possible things you can alstroemeria flowers to include:

  • Wedding bouquet; take your bouquet to the next level and use them as the focal flower or as filler flowers!
  • Wedding arches; buy alstroemerias bulk and fill up the white space in your wedding arches
  • Corsages and boutonniere designing; add a fun pop of color with one of our colored varieties
  • Large ceremony arrangements; add some volume to your large arrangements with these stems with multiple blooms on them
  • Pop of color; we have a large variety of colors, add one of them to an arrangement to make it a bit more fun and vibrant!

FiftyFlowers would love to help you make your dream flower arrangement! Schedule a consultation with us on our website and make your dream come to life. A member of our team will meet with you one on one while over the phone for 45 minutes to discuss what exactly your vision is and show you different options and routes you can take to make your arrangements.

How to care for cut fresh alstroemeria?

When caring for your fresh flowers, FiftyFlowers makes it easy for you. Just follow our basic flower care instructions and they will be ready just in time for your special occasion.

To prepare the water that keeps the flowers alive:

  • Make sure that your container is very clean
  • Fill the containers with 4 inches of fresh, cold, water
  • Then, to prepare the flowers for rehydration follow these steps:
  • Grab your newest delivery full of flowers
  • Remove any rubber bands, plastic, or foam from the flowers
  • Remove any foliage that may come in contact with the water line, this can shorten the life of your flowers
  • Cutting at a diagonal, remove about an inch off of each stem and immediately place into the water you have prepared.
  • Allow your flowers to hydrate for at least 4 hours, but it can take up to 12. Just ensure that the water level maintains at that 4 inch mark.

Now that you have your wholesale alstroemeria are all prepped, keep them away from direct sunlight, drafts, or extreme temperatures. If these flowers get too hot, they will stop producing flowers! Make sure the temperature is regulated! The final thing to know is ensure that a water change is done every 24 hours. Then there you have it, those beautiful flowers you saw online and decided to order, are now ready for your special occasion!

Where to buy alstroemeria wholesale?

Find wholesale alstroemeria fresh flowers near me using Our alstroemeria wholesale prices are amazing for the volume of flowers you will receive. We provide a large variety of affordable colors, blooms and arrangements you can choose from. Perfect for any season, bulk alstroemeria fresh flowers are the perfect addition from your summer centerpieces to your winter wedding bouquet. FiftyFlowers is a women-owned business that is based in Boise while our farms are located worldwide. From our farms, to your arms using

FiftyFlowers also has a homepage monthly where you can get inspiration from! Not only that, we have many different bouquets, centerpieces, and arrangements you can check out to help you build your own dream arrangement. From flower supplies to inspiration to DIY packs, FiftyFlowers can cover every part of your flower experience! We also have a consultation service that can be used to help you make your vision become a reality.

For any questions or concerns, contact us! We have an award-winning customer service team that would love to help you with your experience using FiftyFlowers. We have an online chat feature where you can chat with someone from our team to help you with any immediate questions you have! This feature is available Monday-Saturday during our business hours. If that doesn’t work out, call us at 1-877-507-6737 or email us at