A Jurassic Wedding in Wisconsin

Being and event manager at a wedding venue, I knew I wanted something different and out of the box for my own wedding. My Fiance and I have quite the love for all things Jurassic, So it was basically a no brainer. Well what kind of flowers do you have for a dinosaur wedding? You dont! All greenery is what I had invisioned for our day but couldnt find a florist who saw my vision or appreciated my theme. I ended up ordering a few things from a few different whole sale websites. I was a little nervous these would be skimpy or too scarce looking for bouquets. THEY WERENT! Believe me when I say the ONLY way to go is fifty flowers. Everything that came from elsewhere was dead or never came at all. (I was refunded but that doesnt help 3 days before the wedding date!!) These 'centerpieces' came beautiful and full. All they needed was a stem trim and some floral tape and some ribbon to finish them. Each bridesmaid had one "centerpiece" and my bouquet was one and a half put together(a sprig of faux hanging amaranths went into mine as well ((ONLY because I didnt want to buy a whole bunch and only use a little in mine)) , and my other half went to my Jr Bridesmaid. we borrowed a small sprig here and there from the bridesmaids bouquets to add to boutiners for the groomsmen. (we did use some curly succulants from a local place, again only cause we needed so little..) We got so many compliments on the all green bouquets and everyone wanted the name of our florist! I meet with brides and witness up to 3 weddings a weekend, I would never change the way I did mine! The ease and the amount of money I saved, the outstanding customer service and flawless delivery. Hands down 5 stars!

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