5 week Speed Wedding

One of our Gran daughter's, Olivia, called us around the first of September & told us she was getting married... October 2nd... full scale wedding... 5 weeks away! The venue was in West Yellowstone, Mt on the Grooms' Uncles ranch. My husband & I live in Idaho. The main color of the flowers centered around the color of the roses the Groom, Wyatt, had given Olivia when he proposed. I started visiting everywhere I could think of that sold flowers, looking for the same color of those roses. I had to find flowers I could have shipped directly to Bozeman, Montana, be there to receive them & take them to West Yellowstone. Not having much luck I went to the internet and found Fifty Flowers & Costco advertising the colors I needed. Both had very good reviews. Do not know why, but I decided to split the flowers I needed getting some from each. The Golden Melon Spray roses & Ruscus from Fifty Flowers arrived 1st. The roses looked fresh cut. Amazing since I believe they came from Brazil! The Rucscus was excellent also! We had many, many things go wrong trying to do a wedding so quickly. I thought at least the flowers would not be one of them... Then I got the Costco order... The main flower whose color the whole wedding revolved around were totally the wrong color! All 100 of them! Costco called them Orange Bi-Color Roses. They were supposed to be orange with darker orange tips. I understand slight variations they warned about, this was no way slight! Sixty 64 of them were bright spring yellow with a few red spots on them. The rest were bright spring yellow with a little more red on them. There was no orange at all on any of them. Costco told me they could be reshipped but would not get there till Friday. the wedding was Friday and they could not guarantee they would be orange. At least we had the spray roses from Fifty Flowers. I purchased them for hair bands, corsages & boutonnieres. They ended up in most of the wedding arrangements We still needed large roses so we went to every place we could find in Bozeman & bought every large rose with orange in it. Well we all got it done, the wedding was full of love & friendship and was beautiful with the spray roses being the stars of the flowers there. Thank you Fifty Flowers for being true to your colors & getting them to us fresh & on time!!!!!

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