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Top 10 Hypoallergenic Flowers for Weddings

Cham Tanteras 11 May 2022
Top 10 Hypoallergenic Flowers for Weddings

Flowers make weddings extra colorful. Hypoallergenic flowers make weddings extra comfortable! For a flawless (and sniffle-free) wedding day, check out these hypoallergenic flower varieties and find the allergy-free blooms that match your wedding day style.

Allergy Friendly Flowers = Carefree Wedding Day

1. Carnationshypoallergenic flowers for weddings carnations

No itchy eyes and runny nose with carnations! These ruffled, ball-shaped blooms easily and affordably add texture to any arrangement. This allergy-friendly stem is classic and makes a huge impact when clustered together. Carnations have multiple layers of petals and do not cause irritation for those with allergies which makes them #1 on our list of hypoallergenic flowers for weddings. Carnations come in single stem and spray varieties as well as an array of solid and variegated colors. Planning a classic and ruffled wedding day? The pollen-free carnation is perfect for you.

2. Daffodils

hypoallergenic flowers for weddings daffodils

Daffodils are a trumpeting symbol of spring so one might suspect pollen. Fortunately, daffodils produce less pollen than most flowers; they are generally pollinated by insects rather than the wind.  If your dream wedding day looks like a celebration of spring, daffodils are a vibrant and iconic bloom of the season. While they're not entirely pollen-free, daffodils are definitely hypoallergenic flowers for weddings.  Daffodils are available seasonally, typically December through April, and offered in both standard and mini sizes. Color options range far beyond white and yellow; choose from unexpected tropical pink to orange blossom and many mixed color combinations in between. If new beginnings fits your wedding day theme, Daffodils will say "spring is here" in your wedding bouquet, ceremony arch and centerpieces.

3. Hyacinthhypoallergenic flowers for weddings hyacinth

This wedding flower is also great for those who are allergic to pollen because Hyacinth has very low levels. However, if a strong floral fragrance will also trigger your allergies, then Hyacinth is not for you. Hyacinth is often available year-round but crop production may fluctuate especially during the summer months. The garden-inspired look of Hyacinth is bright and festive with clusters of star-shaped blooms that give the illusion of a single cylindrical bloom.  Hyacinth color options include hot pink, lavender, peach, coral, yellow, blush and purple. For outdoor and garden wedding designs Hyacinth is a stunning and colorful, hypoallergenic wedding flower.

4. Hydrangeas

hypoallergenic flowers for weddings hydrangeas

If you're looking for elegant flowers that will add fullness, Hydrangea are the pollen-free flowers with a gentle, cloud-like shape. The giant ball-shaped blooms are clusters formed by many smaller flowers; they come in a wide variety of lustrous colors including ivory, yellow, pink, blue, green, and blush as well as tinted options and variegated color blends. Hydrangea grow as a shrub and flower during the spring and summer months but many colors are available year-round! If your wedding day vision is elegance, Hydrangea is the hypoallergenic flower that offers an exquisite look and leaves a lasting impression.

5. Orchids

hypoallergenic flowers for weddings orchid

Orchid varieties are endless in color and uniquely shaped blooms. Although they are not exactly pollen-free (they have sticky pollen), it's very unlikely for the pollen to become airborne and rank high on the list of hypoallergenic wedding flowers. Orchids are wonderful for tropical weddings, However, their intriguing shapes make the perfect flower for modern and contemporary wedding designs. Orchids are available year-round and while they boast a delicate look of fine art they are surprisingly easy to care for. We especially love our pink cymbidium orchids! Orchids are an ideal flower for allergy free wedding bouquets and match wedding themes from tropical to contemporary. With so many shapes and colors to choose from orchids are sure to blend into your wedding vision and keep your special day allergy-free.

6. Peonies

coral peonies

With their bursting blooms and soft, ruffled petals, peonies are perfect for a romantic, fairytale wedding design. And, you can enjoy these giant-petaled flowers even if you have allergies. Peonies are hypoallergenic and come in beautiful colors like blush, cream, white, pinks, and reds. Peonies are in season in April and often available through the months of May and June (thanks to our awesome partner farms, we're able to offer peonies even when they're not in season). Check out the peonies on our site, which are organized by month. Lovely and fluffy, fresh-cut peonies are showy and fragrant with large heads and a lavish petal count. If gorgeous and over-the-top luxury are the vision for your special day, peonies may be the hypoallergenic wedding flower for you.

7. Roses

lavender roses

Roses are another great option for couples who want hypoallergenic wedding flowers. These low-pollen flowers are long-lasting and come in hundreds of colors, sizes and varieties from single stem to spray and sweetheart to ruffled. Whatever your wedding day theme is you will find a rose with a matching texture, color and style.  With a long vase life and year-round availability you can count on roses and for them to last long after your event. For couples planning a traditional decor, roses say memorable day and love. Roses are timeless and can be used in any season.

8. Snapdragons


Snapdragons are a lovely line flower that can add height and texture to arrangements. And yes, these are a low allergen kind of blooms. These are often used to create the structural framework of an arrangement and nicely accent the focal point. For cottage, vintage charm and rustic wedding designs, the warm colors and intricate blooms of Snapdragon are a perfect fit. Plus, Snapdragon come in an array of romantic colors like orange sorbet, light pink, mauve, yellow and watermelon pink. Snapdragons have a vase life of 5 days if cared for properly so they're the perfect flower to use for your vintage wedding day.

9. Tulips


Tulips are another allergy-free option for those on the hunt for hypoallergenic flowers! Even though the spring season offers a larger selection, most tulips are available year-round. And guess what? Dreamy, whimsical weddings are still a thing. Tulips offer a little mix of childhood magic and fairy tale charm to create the wedding you have always dreamed of. Tulips come in a wide range of colors, shapes and varieties, too. Some of the unusual varieties include peony tulips, double tulips, French tulips, fringed tulips and parrot tulips. For a colorful mixture, take a look at our farm mixed tulips. The unexpected delight of tulips is just the right touch for your fancy-free wedding day.

10. Irises


Just like tulips, irises are also suitable for allergy sufferers and they're also a springtime flower (we have this flower year-round). If you want your wedding to make a real style statement, bold colors are the way to go. The bright purple blue of the classic Iris brings royal flair to your wedding with its dramatic color. We offer Irises in blue, light blue, white, yellow and bicolor white yellow. If you are planning a regal (and hypoallergenic) wedding day, the vibrance of Iris will deliver a glorious look.

It's indeed possible to achieve an allergy-free wedding day with these low pollen flowers that complement your wedding day decor. Our top ten list of hypoallergenic wedding flowers is your guide to breathing clear on your special day while making your own unique style statement. We want you to sniffle or tear at your wedding because your heart is bursting with love and joy not because of the pollen response. And for sure, everyone will enjoy this once in a lifetime moment of your life with you.

If you're planning to have an outdoor wedding and you will be surrounded by landscaping, check this list to know which garden plants and flowers to avoid.

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