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Share Your Wedding Flair: Best of 2023

Kailee Palileo 21 Dec 2023
bride holding umbrella next to groom while cutting the cake

Your Moments, Our Memories: The Best of 2023

As 2023 draws to a close, we can't help but reflect on the beautiful brides who made this year unforgettable. From heartwarming love stories to breathtaking floral arrangements, our brides have left an indelible mark on our hearts. Join us as we celebrate the best of 2023, from our standout bride of the year to the monthly brides who have touched us with their unique tales of love and creativity.

Congratulations to the Best of 2023 Winner!

bride with groom in green suit and she is holding a pastel bridal bouquet

We are thrilled to announce Shine Cho as our standout bride of the year. Her wedding was a true masterpiece, and her story touched our hearts. Originally, this couple got married in a court house in 2020, but knew they wanted a celebration that was full of joy and colors.They had the pleasure of having their wedding in Shines sisters back yard. Her sister is the one who crafted Shines stunning bridal bouquet that accompanied her down the aisle! Their wedding was filled full of lots of joy, love, and flowers! 

 bride holding bridal bouquet that features colorful flowersbud vases full of colorful flowers in clear bud vases

Runner-Up Brides of the Year:

We also want to give special recognition to our two amazing runner-up brides, Regina Tayag and Lindsay Alexander. Their weddings were exceptional and filled with love and beauty.

First Runner-Up

bride and groom walking down the aisle while bride is holding her tropical bridal bouquet

Regina Tayag was our First Runner-Up and her wedding was magical. Reginas wedding was a true testament of love and we are here for it! Regina and Dan chose flowers that meant something special to them. Monstera leaves to represent Reginas heritage, orchids because it is the mother of the brides favorite flower, and the grooms favorite color is orange! Congratulations on being our First Runner-Up, Regina!

bride with three bridesmaids wearing purple dresses and holding tropical bouquets

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Second Runner-Up

bride holding bridal bouquet with groom kissing brides face

This is Lindsay, our Second Runner-Up in our Share Your Flair Contest! This wedding is sleek, elegant, and modern. This beautiful couple were from South Carolina and Florida. Their home as newly weds was in South Carolina, while they got to celebrate their wedding in Florida. As a representation of their new chapter, Lindsay chose to incorporate magnolia leaves, into her bridal bouquet. Congratulations to our Second Runner-Up, Lindsay!

bride with bridesmaids in champagne colored dresses while all holding their bouquets

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Share Your Flair and Create Memories with Us

We believe every wedding has a unique story, and we want to celebrate yours! Share your wedding flair with us now and be a part of our journey.

In 2023, love and creativity bloomed in every season, and our brides embodied the essence of these beautiful moments. From the standout bride of the year to the monthly brides who graced our blog, each of them brought their own unique charm and style to their weddings. As we celebrate their stories, we invite you to share your own flair and become a part of our ever-growing community of love and creativity. Join us in celebrating the best of 2023 and continue making memories that last a lifetime.


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