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Make A Baby's Breath Bouquet in 5 Simple Steps

Kelly Stevens-Meister 27 May 2022
White baby's breath bouquet.

Whether you’re planning a glamorous all-white wedding or throwing a whimsical, shabby chic reception, there's one flower that's fit for every affair: baby's breath. Baby's breath bouquets are beautiful, sweet and versatile — and don't let baby's breath delicate appearance fool you: it's a long-lasting and hardy flower that will stay fresh all throughout your wedding day. Regardless of having your celebration indoors or outdoors, you won’t have to worry about these flowers wilting.

Baby's breath can be used in bouquets, as well as in arrangements throughout your ceremony and reception. It looks gorgeous on its own and also pairs well with hydrangeas, carnations or ranunculus. You can use it to decorate arches, hang it from mason jars on chairs lining the aisle, or even create a stunning flower wall with it.

For making simple, cloud-like bouquets, Baby's Breath is ideal to work with. Here, we'll teach you how to make a baby's breath bouquet in 5 simple steps.

1. Gather Your Flowers and Supplies

baby's breath bouquet

Here's what you'll need:

2. Separate Baby's Breath and Remove The Lower Stems

baby's breath

Begin by separating the stems of baby’s breath so that the flower is easier to work with. Remove the lower stray floral stems, as well. Removing the bottom stems will allow you to create a circular shape and it will be easier to manage.

3. Arrange the Baby's Breath

making the bouquet

Now comes the fun part: making it look pretty! Start with three stems, and keep adding in additional stems. Work in a circle until you have a size and shape you want. We used two bunches of baby's breath to create this bouquet, but you can use less or more to create your perfect vision.

4. Wrap It Up with Floral Tape

wrapping baby's breath bouquet

Use floral tape to wrap up the bouquet. This stretchable tape adheres to itself when you overlap it.

5. Finish It Off with Ribbon and Trim the Ends

trimming bouquet

Finish the bouquet by wrapping your stems with ribbon and tie in a bow or decorative knot. Make sure to cover the floral tape but leave the ends of the bouquet exposed so you can continue to hydrate the flowers before you walk down the aisle. Cut ribbon to your desired length. Then use floral shears to cut the bottom of the baby's breath to your desired length, as well.

For first-time DIY-ers creating a Baby's Breath Bouquet is a Wedding Flowers project anyone can do with confidence. These poofy, white orbs created with tiny, white blooms of Baby's Breath will create an impressive bouquet that's easy enough for anyone to create.

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Originally written by: Thalia Basulto

Updated by: Cham Tanteras

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