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Basket Bouquets: A Unique and Timeless Wedding Trend

Christina Felt 19 Jul 2022
Basket Bouquets: A Unique and Timeless Wedding Trend

A tisket, a tasket, a bridal bouquet basket is a great way to add charm and personality to your big day! Basket bouquets have been around for ages, but over the years they have become a tradition solely for flower girls.  Bride’s baskets were popular in the 1800s and sat on the wedding party’s table as a place to display the bride’s bouquet. The older basket versions were originally made from silver, and eventually incorporated glass as designs became as unique and varied as the brides who used them. Once a popular wedding gift, today these beautiful pieces can sell for $200 up to $17,000 when professionally designed.  

With the rise of the cottagecore aesthetic and the return to a celebration of the beauty and simplicity of home, a basket bouquet is a trend that is understated, unique, and practical. Fitting a variety of wedding styles, brides and bridesmaids alike will be thrilled to embrace the basket bouquet trend. Adaptability, functionality, and affordability are all reasons basket bouquets should come back in a big hot way.  


Bridal basket bouquets are incredibly adaptable. By simply changing flowers or swapping around baskets for other vessels, this look can change drastically to fit a variety of wedding styles. A sense of formality is created if the basket bouquets between the bridesmaids and bride are more uniform, whereas variation in basket bouquets amongst the wedding party can provide an instant garden-inspired feeling to the atmosphere. Baskets add unique texture to bouquets, making them a cost-effective design element. By simply adding ribbon or other accents, your baskets can easily become even more unique and personalized.

Today, a popular trend is for a bridesmaid to show their individual flair by wearing either a different dress style in the same color or same dress in a different color. Embellish their individual style even more by creating a personalized basket bouquet to match their dress; think choosing a color palette in an array of flower types. Even with a variety of flowers in each bridesmaid basket, uniformity will naturally flow with the repeated use of the same flowers in your complimentary arrangements including floral arches, hanging installations, or large entryway arrangements.  


Basket bouquets are incredibly functional! Traditionally at a wedding, if the bride or bridesmaids want to set their bouquets down, they need to either find a vase with water or will risk damaging their flowers by laying them on a table. Basket bouquets have the container built in – whether it’s floral foam, a vase, or another vessel – so brides and bridesmaids can set down their bouquet anytime and anywhere without the risk of bruising flowers. Depending on the basket type you choose, your basket may also have some extra room for bridesmaids to stash essentials beneath the flowers so the wedding party can access the things they need to freshen up through the day. Baskets are a wonderful vessel for carrying lipstick, powder or that handkerchief for wiping away the tears of joy. 

Basket bouquets also provide an easy way for the DIY bride to arrange flowers and save on their budget. Using a basket naturally provides a foundation of structure, making the level of design expertise easier; beginning flower arrangers can simply build a grid with floral tape and fill it with their favorite blooms.


Speaking of staying on a budget, basket bouquets are one of the most budget-friendly choices a bride can make. Their versatility is a great way to stretch a flower budget – for example, it is very easy to repurpose a basket bouquet as table centerpieces after the ceremony for the reception. These flower arrangements could also find a home at the cake table, by the sign-in book, on the place card table, or even at the head table where the happy couple can enjoy their beauty. Because these arrangements have a constant water supply, they will even last long enough to be enjoyed as a gift to the bridesmaids, reminding them of the special wedding for multiple days after.  

Basket bouquets are proof that what’s old is new again, as this trend breathes life into the basket bouquets of 150 years ago. Brides today are sure to find a way to incorporate this style as it pairs seamlessly with a myriad of wedding designs. Think outside the basket when looking for vessels to create a basket bouquet that reflects the happy couple’s love for each other on their wedding day. Your basket bouquets are sure to be the talk of your wedding as they are the perfect balance of value, utility, and sophistication. We can’t wait to see what you create! 

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