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Baby's Breath Flower Arrangements: Simple Yet Stunning Decor Ideas

Kailee Palileo 14 Sep 2023
white baby's breath coming out of a sparkly gold box

Say goodbye to the days when baby's breath was just a background player in floral arrangements. Once relegated to the role of filler flower, baby's breath has now taken center stage in weddings. A humble and affordable flower choice that’s simple in design, filled with texture and romance, and looks stunning as small arrangements or in grand installations. It's completely earned its spotlight, and today, we have some incredible ideas for you to create DIY baby’s breath decor.

Ceremony Aisle

baby's breath with light pink roses and eucalyptus aisle marker

Elevate your wedding aisle into a romantic setting with the delicate allure of Baby's Breath decor. Picture dainty posies of Baby's Breath gracefully adorning the end of each row or elegant bundles of this timeless bloom gently tied to each chair, infusing the air with a soft and ethereal look. Or, let Baby's Breath create a fairytale atmosphere by draping the blooms from overhead branches or ceilings or gracefully lining the aisle runner. For a really grand and whimsical ceremony, make the entire aisle from lush garlands of baby’s breath and greenery for an organic and swoon-worthy look.

Wedding Arches

baby's breath with red roses and greenery in wedding arch

Another incredible way to use Baby's Breath flower arrangements in your wedding is by using them in your arches. These can be placed at the entrance to the ceremony or as the backdrop for your “I Do’s” to create an inviting and ethereal ambiance. Whether you’re adorning a rustic wooden arch, celestial boho arch, or an elegant metal frame, Baby's Breath brings a touch of elegance to your backdrop. You can adorn your wedding arch by letting these blooms stand alone or mix them with other flowers and greenery, and trust us, the impact will be unforgettable.

Wedding Bouquets

bride holding white baby's breath bridal bouquet

With its dainty white blooms, Baby’s Breath compliments a variety of floral arrangements, making it the perfect choice for wedding bouquets. Whether used on its own for a rustic chic vibe or paired with other flowers for a fuller look, baby's breath brings an air of simplicity that's anything but plain. So, if you're aiming for a sweet, romantic, and effortlessly lovely bouquet, don't underestimate the power of those tiny, cloud-like blooms.

Escort Card Display

white baby's breath in blue vase hanging from a twine string

In today’s modern times, couples are looking for ways to add unique touches to their wedding, and one that is increasing in popularity is creating an escort card display that becomes part of the decor. Large walls, furniture pieces, and tables are great ways to display your escort cards and can easily be adorned with Baby’s Breath for a cohesive and whimsical look.

Hair Accessories

flower crown hair accessory with red spray roses and white baby's breath

Because Baby’s Breath is dainty in size, it makes the perfect flower for wedding hair. And with its versatility, it fits any bridal style, from boho to luxury to an elopement on a mountaintop. You can use small springs in your flower girl's hair for a playful look or a large flower crown entirely made from Baby’s Breath for a sweet, angelic vibe. For the bride, a few pieces can be placed around a relaxed updo or chignon, woven into braids, gently tucked into hair sparingly or added into a whimsical flower crown.


white baby's breath and light pink rose centerpiece on a table

One of the best places to use this delicate flower is on reception tables. And if you’re looking for Baby's breath centerpiece ideas, you’ve come to the right place. We love a grand display of lush Baby’s breath in a garland style lining the center of your tables. These are easy DIY baby's breath arrangements because you can simply bunch the blooms together with twine or rope, but they make a huge visual impact on all present. If the grandness of the Baby’s Breath garland isn’t your style, you can also use it in small vases alone or with other types of wedding flowers or use them to surround glass candleholders for a lush and organic look. Baby’s Breath can be placed in mason jars for a rustic wedding and set on a wooden block or tree stump. If you want to add height to the tables, you can use taller vases or tall glass cylinders to hold large groups of Baby’s Breath for a cloudlike appearance. It will be a whimsical and romantic explosion of texture and beauty for your tables.

Hanging Floral Clouds

white baby's breath floral hanging clouds

If you’re really feeling adventurous in your DIY wedding floral journey, you can create hanging floral clouds. These ethereal arrangements add a dreamlike quality to your venue, transforming the atmosphere into a wondrous experience. Imagine your guests seated at their tables with a fluff of flowers hanging above their heads…it’s a one-in-a-lifetime experience that we’re sure they’ll rave about. Whether you choose a single color or an ombre burst of different hues in complimentary or bold colors, these are reasonably easy to make and look absolutely dreamy; the challenging part comes in how you hang them. But if you can pull it off, it will create an ambiance far exceeding anyone's expectations and some pretty Insta-worthy photos, too. Wholesale baby's breath flowers are an excellent option for a large project like this.

Pops of Color

pops of color baby's breath with green, blue, yellow, and pink

When choosing your wedding decor, it’s essential to implement your color palette throughout the event. From the ceremony to the reception and even in the fashion, color plays a significant role in pulling everything together for an aesthetically pleasing experience. And you may be surprised to know that Baby’s Breath isn’t just white. Bucking the belief that Baby's Breath can't be colorful, this delicate bloom is here to prove that it's not just about shades of white. While its classic white variety is timeless and elegant, baby's breath comes in a spectrum of subtle hues, offering a delightful twist on tradition. Imagine soft blushes, gentle pinks, and even hints of lavender woven into your wedding arrangements. These muted tones add a touch of creativity and splendor to any wedding floral display. They will be an element that guests remember because it’s unexpected for most to see Baby’s Breath in anything other than white.


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