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15 Ideas: What to do with Rose Petals at a Wedding

Cham Tanteras 20 May 2022
15 Ideas: What to do with Rose Petals at a Wedding

Wondering what to do with rose petals at a wedding? Where do we begin? You can use rose petals in your ceremony, reception, honeymoon suite and more.  They're versatile, easy to work with, come in a wide variety of colors, and require zero knowledge of flower arranging to work with. Read on to discover what to do with rose petals at your wedding and our 15 DIY ideas to inspire you:

1. Ceremony Petal Toss Cones

rose petal toss cones

Creating memorable moments at your wedding is easy with a rose petal toss. Invite guests to pick up a handful of petals or prep them in personalized, paper cones. Guests love to throw petals and you can time the toss for just after your kiss at the altar, while you’re walking back down the aisle, or during your grand exit. Celebratory tossing is #1 on the list of what to do with rose petals at your wedding!

2. Use Rose Petals in Centerpiece Decor

The beauty of using rose petals at a wedding is they instantly add to the decor. What to do? Sprinkle rose petals on the check-in, cocktail and reception tables! Add rose petal basket in the ladies room, across surfaces or side tables. You can also use rose petals to create a floating centerpiece, where candles, flowers and/or rose petals float in a water bowl. It's so easy that you already know what to do! Rose petals are instant DIY centerpieces when sprinkled or floated.


3. Add an Aisle Monogram or Elaborate Design

Aisle Runner by Doug Smith Events with Petals from FiftyFlowers

What to do with rose petal for your ceremony aisle? It's as easy as creating swirls or patterns with rose petals. This stunning aisle design was created by Doug Smith Events and sure to help you envision your design. Or you can personalize your altar by using rose petals to create your monogram. Whatever you can dream up is easily do-able with a box of fresh rose petals - no matter where you place them, they add color, freshness and beauty to the decoration.

4. Create an Ombre Effect Down the Aisle

Ombre (which means gradation in French) refers to a design trend that looks like a color fading from a darker shade to a lighter shade. Creating an ombre look down your aisle is easy by using varying shades of petals that gradually lighten. (white to light pink to hot pink). The effect can run down the length of the aisle, to lead eyes toward the alter, or fade from the outer edges toward the center, drawing eyes to the center of the aisle, where you will be walking! Rose petals are what to do when you want to create an ombre effect down the aisle.

5. Add Rose Petals to Your Wedding Cake

wedding cake with petals

Cake tables often need a subtle accent to offset the design and rose petals are a perfect solution. What to do? Consider sprinkling rose petals around the cake table to add a gentle touch. Depending on the table and what you prefer, petals may be lightly scattered or layered thick to create a dense coverage and dramatic effect.

6. Flower Girl Petal Toss

The tradition of having a flower girl toss petals down the aisle is one of the most adorable ways to use rose petals. Is there anything sweeter than those little hands scattering delicate petals to make a path for the bride? What to do? Fill a basket with rose petals and send your little one down the aisle!! Memories will be made for the little one, who gets to be part of your special day, and for the guests who cherish the opportunity to watch her happy smile.

7. Throw Rose Petals at the Final Exit

fresh rose petal tossRose petals are a bio-degradable option (sub for rice or confetti) for throwing a send-off when a couple makes their grand finale wedding exit. Grains were once used to shower the newlyweds wishing them a “fruitful” union — the fertility of the seeds would fall upon the couple and bless them with a fertile marriage. Maintaining the same symbolic meaning, fresh rose petals are a colorful – not to mention softer version — of rice throwing as the newlyweds make their getaway!

8. Scatter Rose Petals on the Honeymoon Bed

When the wedding celebration ends and the couple heads back to their room for the night, don't you want to plan special decorations that will set the mood for these sweeties? With rose petals, what to do is easily answered - sprinkle, float or toss for instant romance. And extra rose petals are perfect for honeymoons! Stick them in your travel bag before a roadtrip and draw a rose petal bath one evening to set the mood. Make a heart out of rose petals on the bed, sprinkle around the room, leave a trail to somewhere or something special.

9. Add Dramatic Effect to Your Wedding Proposal

rose petals proposalBefore the wedding....what to do to commemorate the proposal? Whether you get down on one knee or just pop the question while holding hands, you can mark the occasion with rose petals. Whether you want to scatter rose petals all around the room or spell out "Will you marry me?" in rose petals, the effect will be romantic and dramatic!

10. Freeze Rose Petals Into Ice Cubes

This DIY Wedding idea is one you can prepare way in advance and that will impress your guests! Freeze organic rose petals into ice cubes and create fun and festive drinks! Leave them in an ice bucket on the bar or if you have a caterer they can add them to your signature cocktail. What to do to create a one-of-a-kind wedding detail? Add rose petals into your ice cubes!

11. Rose Petals in Your Wedding Day Bath

Preparing for your wedding celebration is often a day of self-care. Why not create a rose petal bath for yourself or for your Mom as a thank you for all she's done to help you plan! Roses are known to have an uplifting effect on the body and their fragrance can relieve stress, bloating, inflammation and menstrual pain, as well as promote sleep and relaxation. Whether you're in the midst of wedding planning or preparing to walk down the aisle, take a bath with lots of rose petals for a really good way to unwind.

12. Create Rose Petal Garlands or Leis

Looking for a unique alternative to corsages and boutonnieres? Rose petal garland or leis make beautiful personal flowers for your wedding party or even your guests. What to do for this DIY wedding flowers project? String rose petals onto a thin fishing line that is 24-48" finished length. For intimate weddings, hand them out to all the guests and invite them to wear the floral decor. Garland and leis can also be hung on chairs, round tables, or from the ceiling. Place rose petal leis and garland around wherever you need some additional decoration.

13. Rose Petals as a Bridal Fashion Accessory

rose petals and hypericum berries lei

Wearable bridal flowers are an unexpected idea that will delight your wedding guests and put you ahead of the trends. Consider pairing rose petals with greenery and berries to create a one-of-a-kind bridal fashion accessory. We teamed up with Something Turquoise to show you how to create a back lei using hypericum berries and rose petals! Read the full story on their blog for many more ideas and photos of wearable bridal flowers.

14. Relax with Rose Petals

Since roses have several calming and skin-softening properties, they are a great addition to a homemade body scrub! Along with a carrier oil and essential oils, add them to Epsom salt or sugar, and you'll have a scrub to take care of all of life's worries. Don't miss this rose petal self-care idea before your engagement party, bachelorette night or wedding day!

15. Dry the Rose Petals

Last but not least on our list of rose petal uses: you can dry your rose petals and keep them as a memento of your wedding day! Save some of your wedding day petals for a sweet reminder of the best day of your life.

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