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Why You Should DIY Your Wedding

liza roeser 30 May 2023
liza roeser holding white bouquet

On July 13th, 2023, FiftyFlowers will be celebrating 20 years in business! This is a birthday I am incredibly excited to celebrate as I look back at every single couple, flower lover and flower professional who brought me to this point. And to every employee, partner farm, and shipping company I have had the pleasure to work with, thank you! 

Liza Roeser holding peach flowers

FiftyFlowers was born out of a dear friend of mine encouraging me to apply for a contest being held, in which my business proposal for luxury flower gifting straight from the farm to the doorstep won. The contest was to show a business with direct producer to consumer shipping, and so Butterflies Direct was born. You’ll notice that is no longer our name, and 20 years later, thank goodness! During that period of my life, I had made a huge life change and found myself in a period of great wondering. I was dazed & confused about where my life would be going next and with my personal experience with flowers, I was guided into this new journey. 

Liza Roeser holding pink and peach flower arrangement

DIY was a new concept in those years, but we have become so popular out of the pure creativity and curiosity of our customers. The idea of designing your own wedding or event flowers is a fast growing sector of the floral industry. So why DIY your wedding? 1. It’s cost effective. FiftyFlowers, through our close partnerships with our farms, have cut the cost of flowers for consumers 2. Creating your own bouquets and arrangements is highly meditative and gives its creators a great sense of accomplishment. No matter your skill level, you’re going to walk away from your event knowing you spent your money wisely and can show off your floral art for all to see. 

Liza Roeser smiling and holding a pink flower arrangement

What makes FiftyFlowers unique, is that our Customer Care Representatives and Marketing team work closely when creating content and specials. When our representatives receive feedback, they directly communicate that information to Marketing, who will then create social media posts, Youtube videos, and Blogs to help further answer any design questions you may have. With any level of floral skill, you will be able to follow along as our In-House designers show you how to create items like Bridal Bouquets, Hanging Floral Installations, or Boutonnieres and Corsages and so much more. For the couple who doesn’t know where to begin, we offer Wedding Consultations, that will give you an Excel sheet breakdown of all your flowers. And, just like in life, somethings don’t go as planned, and in the small chance that your flowers show up in a rough condition, we show you how to revive them, or help you acquire new flowers to make your perfect floral dreams come true. The flowers to complete your vision are just a click away!

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