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San Francisco AirBnb Elopement

Kailee Palileo 17 May 2023
bride and groom swinging little girl at a San Francisco AirBnB elopement

We don’t think when Kayla and Mike eloped at the beginning of the year 2020, they knew that so many other couples would soon be following suit in larger numbers than we had ever seen before. So when we discovered the wedding album and blog of the newly Mrs. Lang, we were taken aback. Her San Francisco elopement at a stunning AirBnB is sure to inspire you!


The Prep:

We feel lucky that the bride and her husband are both photographers, because the result is getting some stunning shots of their entire FiftyFlowers experience. Kayla wrote her own blog about the delivery and design process which could be inspirational for you to check out for yourselves. We borrowed a few shots from that blog to show you just how helpful her documentation can be for other first time DIY couples. 

It’s adorable to see her entire family help with the design and decoration process, each taking time to perfect every space with the stunning flowers they received. We are big believers that with even the smallest amount of education, anyone can become their own floral designer, if they choose. (We're also very happy to see the talent that comes from professional florists.) 


The Ceremony:

In the backyard of their AirBnb, Kayla and Mike exchanged their I Do’s against this breathtaking backdrop of olive trees. With an audience of family and close friends, the couple held the intimate wedding of their dreams. Elopements are my favorite form of wedding for this unique, and intimate quality that it breathes into weddings. And now with weddings looking completely different in the year 2020, We are excited to share the emotion and depth a wedding can have with a small guest count. For anyone uncertain about deciding whether to elope now or wait to safely have the big party, The Langs wedding can show you just how special an elopement is. 

The Party:

A benefit of small ceremonies is being able to afford more of the fun stuff since you are catering to a much smaller group. Another way the couple reallocated their wedding budget with having a small elopement is that they can spend more on the flowers, putting a floral element in every space they are celebrating in, but also their venue/lodging. Using your AirBnb as a venue will cut down on venue costs and party costs. A smaller guest count means your guests can be their own DJ. This couple even used their patio as the dance floor, and later enjoyed the hot tub of the house as a relaxing end to the night. As Meghan from WeddingPro said, “choosing to have a mini-mony over the large guest count means that you can invest more in the complete guest experience.” 

The Couple:

Kayla and Mike are both successful traveling photographers out of Indiana. It’s clear after looking through their beautiful wedding photos and photography profiles, that they translated their favorite parts of weddings they’ve shot into their own wedding. From the stunning and picturesque AirBnb, to the catering by a Kayla-must, Chipotle, they made this ceremony, reception and party uniquely theirs. 

Congratulations you two! Thanks for sharing you're fabulous wedding day with all of us.


The Talent:


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