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Trending Bouquets for Valentine's Day Flower Delivery

Leah Britt 03 Jan 2022
two different styles of bouquets for valentine's day flower deliveries

Get These Bouquets with a Valentine's Day Flower Delivery

The National Day of Love is almost here, and we’re super excited to help you celebrate with a Valentine's Day flower delivery! FlowerFix by FiftyFlowers has a line of arrangements that are sure to make your sweetie giddy. Plus, every arrangement ships for free!

Why Arrange a Valentine's Day Flower Delivery?

The gift of flowers for Valentine’s Day dates back to the 17th century. It is now an established and timeless tradition. Thanks to FlowerFix, your Valentine's Day flower delivery will arrive from our farms to your arms with just a few simple clicks. (Click here to shop our entire Valentine's Flower Shop on FlowerFix.) Sending flowers to your love is a tried and true way to spark romance, and the convenience of ordering online simply can't be beat! Plus, your special someone will get to experience the joy and excitement of finding beautiful blooms right there on their doorstep. 

Memories of large red rose bouquets might fill your mind, but times have changed, and there are now endless colors and styles to send to your special someone.  Keep scrolling to get an exclusive look at some of our favorite Valentines flower bouquets, and to find the perfect bouquet to send their way...

Love Bug White and Peach Flower Bouquet

As seen on the Tamron Hall show, the Love Bug bouquet is a social media favorite - and we totally can see why! This lush white and peach flower arrangement mixes crowd-pleasing roses with unique solomio and anemone flowers. This bouquet pushes the boundaries of the traditional red rose bouquet, but remains heartfelt and stunning.

The Perfect Valentine's Day Flower Delivery for...someone who is soft and sweet, but appreciates a modern twist on romance. 

a white and peach flower bouquet for valentine's day

Peach Fancy Flower Bouquet

Shades of peach are HOT, HOT, HOT this season. Their warm and fresh tones blend well with other popular colors. Your love will be head over heels for this brightly designed bouquet as they bask in glowing roses and ranunculus. This valentine's day flower delivery pairs well with a glass of nice Chardonnay and a candlelit dinner for two. 

A Lovely Bouquet for...wishing your loved ones a Valentine's Day that is "just peachy." 

These peach blooms can be delivered with a Valentine's Day flower delivery

Dawn to Dusk Valentine's Day Flower Delivery

In keeping with breaking Valentine’s Day traditions, who says red is the only color that can show your earnest feelings of admiration? Like a wildflower field in the heat of summer, the Dawn to Dusk bouquet is bright, colorful, and delightful. These flowers display how love can be felt from sunrise to sunset. Your loved one will be blown away by the size and stem-count of this impressive bouquet, leaving no doubt in their mind how special they are to you.

A Delightful Valentine's Day Flower Delivery for...that one-of-a-kind person who you've been aiming to impress! 

A bright bouquet for valentine's day flowers

Perfect Pair Red Rose Bouquet and Petals

Traditions are traditions for a reason! It's clear why red roses and petals have stood the test of time for couples celebrating Valentine’s Day. For the last 100+ years, red roses have been the universal symbol of true and passionate love. To this day, they are the most popular flowers during the holiday. So if you’re a lover of tradition and your lover is too, this combo of fresh-cut red roses and petals will sweep your loved one into the romance of the moment. Plus, this valentine's day flower delivery could be the perfect touch of decor for your February 14th date night! 

A Romantic Package for...anyone who loves roses or is looking to set the scene for a romantic date night in. 

Red rose bouquet and rose petals for valentine's day date night

Oh Baby 50 Rainbow Roses Bouquets

Who doesn’t love a good rainbow? This bouquet is a DOUBLE rainbow all the way! With over 2 dozen farm-fresh, long-stemmed roses, your loved one can enjoy the stunning mix of colors. Each rose color has a symbolic meaning behind its hue, and by sending them all, you are showing just how complex and virtuous your love is. Send this bouquet to a love interest, your kid, or even your mom. However you choose to interpret this rose bouquet, they'll be mesmerized by its dazzling hues.

A Vibrant Rose Bouquet for...a friend, coworker, significant other, family member, or any loved one who brings some color to your days! 

A bouquet of rainbow roses for a valentine's day gift

Be Mine Dozen Red Rose Arrangement

This classic never misses. Cue the boxed conversation hearts, a macaroni Valentine’s Day card, and chocolates that will melt in your mouth. These roses pair perfectly with the traditional gifts of our nation's day of love. Pre-arranged and delivered to your door, you can’t go wrong with either a dozen (or two) of these red roses paired with greenery and baby's breath

A Classic Valentine's Day Flower Delivery for...keeping things simple, sweet, and traditional.

A classic Valentine's Day bouquet with red roses, leather leaf, and baby's breath

Wink Wink Rose Bouquet

Trying to say a lot to that special someone this year? The color symbolism behind this mixture of red, pink, and white roses is packed to the brim with romantic sentiment. The red rose symbolizes true and passionate love, pink represents gratitude, and white stands for purity and youthfulness. These three are the perfect trifecta of what this February 14th holiday is all about! Send them this array of roses, and get your message across without saying a single word. 

Passionate Roses for...showing your true colors and communicating your love! 

A beautiful bouquet of pink, red, and white roses for February

Pastel Daydream Flower Bouquet

Dreamy, fantasy, and fairytale-inspired - this bouquet will bring your love nothing but good vibes and sweet dreams. This lush bouquet is large and in charge and will leave your special Valentine saying “pinch me, I must be dreaming!” With soft hues of blues, purples, and pinks, this bouquet will make your space feel like walking on the flower fields of some faraway land. Romantic, platonic, or just for yourself, this bouquet does not disappoint and is a universal flower gift this holiday.

A Pastel Flower Bouquet for...those who love soft color palettes or want to show their special someone that they're a dream come true. 

Pastel valentine's day bouquet with blue hydrangea and pink roses

I Heart You Pink Flower Bouquet

There’s no such thing as too much of a good thing in our opinion. Roses are the perfect example of a "good thing" when you’re trying to profess your love and admiration for that special someone. With a mixture of deep red and bubbly pink, these standard and spray roses are a jaw-dropping confession. Hand-crafted with love, and sent with care from our fresh flower fields, this bouquet will make all others fall short in comparison. The sheer amount of stems alone can not be matched. Send this Valentine's Day flower delivery when you want to make a heartfelt and stunning impression. 

A Statement Rose Bouquet for...professing your love or leaving an impression.

A large red and pink bouquet, perfect for a Valentine's Day flower delivery

Crazy 4 U Red and Pink Flower Bouquet

Love might make us crazy, but it’s the best kind of crazy! This bouquet is packed to the max with petal-heavy stems. If you or your funny Valentine are big-time flower lovers, this bouquet will make you fall head over heels. Be sure to display them proudly to show off their brilliant colors, and drop-dead gorgeous textures. They’ll add a touch of romance to any home, or office, even if you are working from home.

A Pretty in Pink Valentines Day Arrangement for...anyone who is obsessed with flowers or PINK!

Blue thistle, pink garden roses, and red roses create an arrangement

All Mine White Flower Bouquet

An all-white flower bouquet might not be the first thing you think of when you hear "Valentine's Day," but this monochromatic arrangement is as romantic as ever. (Afterall, white is a classic wedding color for a reason, right?!) With stunning anemones, white roses, and the perfect sprinkles of greenery, your special someone will be reminded that your love is pure and true. Like a guardian angel, this Valentine's Day arrangement will shine bright and bring them good luck wherever they go.

An angelic white flower bouquet for...your purest and truest love.

All white flower bouquet with anemones and roses

Romantic Waltz Purple and Pink Flower Arrangement

Hold your partner close and take them for a romantic waltz with this elegant bouquet. This Valentine's Day flower delivery will bring a bundle of purple anemones, lavender roses, blue thistle, and pink garden roses right to their doorstep. Even if you're not one for dancing, this bouquet will make them feel as though they are twirling around a grand ballroom this February 14th. Purple is a great way to stay on theme with the Valentine's day color palette, while still choosing a bouquet that will stand out amongst the rest.

Rich and luxurious flowers for... anyone you want to feel like a million bucks!

Purple valentine's day bouquet for delivery

XOXO Valentine's Day Flower Delivery

What better way to say "I love you" than with lots of hugs and kisses? This bouquet encompasses those warm and cozy feelings that come with embracing the loved ones in your life. Whether it's a platonic peck on the cheek, a warm hug from grandma, or a passionate kiss with your special someone - Our XOXO bouquet will return the love their way. Sealed with a smooch, this arrangement will be delivered to their arms straight from our farms!

A comforting flower bouquet for....the person who needs a hug, a kiss,  and a little flower joy in their life.

A red rose and purple hydrangea valentine's day flower delivery

Schedule Your Valentine's Day Flower Delivery

Valentine’s Day is a time to celebrate love, and nothing shows your love more than a bouquet of farm-fresh flowers. We're proud to bring you these beautiful bouquets from FlowerFix, and we know that Valentine's Day flower deliveries will spread lots of joy this February. To schedule your delivery, shop our Valentine's Day line at, input your address, and select your delivery date. Before you know it, fresh flowers will be on your way! 

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(Originally written by Mariah Hebbeln, Updated by Leah Britt January 2021).

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