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The Magic of Floral Foam: How It Keeps Your DIY Flower Arrangements Fresh

Kailee Palileo 30 Aug 2023
round floral foam with two burgundy orchids in it

Flowers, with their captivating beauty and charm, have the power to transform any space into a blooming oasis. Whether you're crafting a stunning centerpiece for your dinner table or creating a bouquet to celebrate a special occasion, the key to keeping your DIY flower arrangements fresh and long-lasting lies in the magic of floral foam.

In this blog, we will share some tips and tricks for using floral foam, exploring how it works and why it's an essential tool for flower arranging. From how to use it, to tips and tricks for usage, we'll dive into the fascinating world of floral foam and how it can help you create arrangements that stay fresh and beautiful for days.

burgundy orchid stem in floral foam

How Does Floral Foam Work?

At its core, floral foam is a sponge-like material that absorbs and holds water, providing a continuous source of hydration to the flowers and foliage in your flower arrangement. Here's how it works:

Water Absorption:

When you soak floral foam in water, it absorbs and retains moisture like a sponge. This stored water becomes a reservoir that gradually releases moisture to the flowers and greenery that is inserted into the foam.

Stem Support:

Floral foam provides stability and support to flower stems. It ensures that they remain in place and don't droop or shift within the arrangement. This allows you to create intricate designs and maintain the desired shape/look of your bouquet or centerpiece for longer.


By providing a consistent source of water to your flowers, floral foam helps prolong the lifespan of your arrangements. It keeps flowers hydrated, preventing them from wilting and maintaining their freshness for an extended period.

Easy Design:

Floral foam's versatility and ease of use make it an ideal supply for both novice DIY-ers and experienced floral designers. Additionally, floral foam comes in many shapes and sizes. It allows you to experiment with different arrangements, ensuring your creativity knows no bounds.

different types of floral foam on a flat lay

Tips for Using Floral Foam 

Proper Soaking:

Ensure you soak wet floral foam thoroughly before inserting flowers. Place the foam in water and let it float. Then, let it absorb water until it sinks to the bottom of the container, ensuring even hydration.

Cutting and Shaping:

Trim the floral foam to fit your container and shape it as needed. A sharp knife or floral shears work well for this purpose.

Securing the Foam:

Use floral adhesive or tape to secure the foam in your container. This prevents the floral foam from shifting during transport or while arranging.

Inserting Flowers:

Cut flower stems at an angle and insert them firmly into the foam. Ensure the stems are about an inch into the floral foam. Be thoughtful in your placement, once you insert a bloom, avoid taking it out and reinserting it into the same place. Placing blooms in holes that were previously made can cause a air pocket, which will not hydrate your blooms.

Hydration Maintenance:

To keep your arrangements fresh, check the water level in the container regularly and top it up as needed. If foam looks dry, allow foam to hydrate from the bottom up.


round green floral foam on a white table

Floral foam has truly transformed the world of flower arranging, allowing anyone to become a skilled floral designer. With its ability to provide hydration, stability, and support to your flowers, it's the tool behind creating breathtaking arrangements that stay fresh and vibrant, adding a touch of floral magic to any occasion. So, the next time you embark on a DIY flower arrangement project, explore the magic of floral foam and watch your creations bloom with beauty and longevity.

Ready to take your DIY flower arrangements to the next level? Explore our  selection of floral foam and other floral supplies. Discover how this enchanting tool can keep your creations fresh and vibrant. Whether you're planning a special event, crafting a heartfelt gift, or simply adding floral beauty to your space, floral foam is the key to making your blooms stand out.


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