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Easy 4th of July Centerpiece

Kelly Stevens-Meister 09 Jun 2022
Red, white and blue easy DIY centerpiece.

You could go with a traditional 4th of July centerpiece like usual, or you could try a new Easy DIY flower craft for your backyard cookout or picnic table this year.

This patriotic themed table centerpiece by Jonathan Fong from eHow is a fun DIY project to share with friends and family and a great way to do something creative together during your family time together. 

At first glance, this head turning floral creation appears to be a single arrangement, but if you look closer, you'll see that this beautiful centerpiece is actually a series of gorgeous blue daisies, red carnations and dahlia style cremons nestled together in individual mason jars. When this project is complete, these robust blooms make up a festive, solid flag style Independence Day centerpiece that will definitely create fireworks at your 4th of July event. 

What's great about working with these types of flowers, is that they are beautiful, sturdy and easy to care for, so they are perfect for the beginning floral crafter or an energetic junior DIY'er who wants to participate in the family fun. 

All you need to do is purchase your affordable, red, white and blue flowers from a reputable wholesale flower seller like and schedule your order to arrive 3 days before your desired crafting day. 

Once you have received your flowers, gather your supplies and clear off your workspace, because you and your team of DIY floral crafters are ready to make something beautiful, patriotic and inspiring. 

Follow these steps below to create your Easy 4th of July Centerpiece: 

Red white and blue flag made of flowers.


Supplies List:

  • Mason jars, 8 ounces
  • Rectangular tray
  • Paint brushes
  • Decorative ribbon
  • Hot glue gun
  • Red, white and blue paint
  • Creme wax
  • Your choice of red, white and blue flowers


How-to Steps:

1. Determine how many mason jars will fit in your tray. Jonathan was able to fit 24 jars in his tray. Then decide which section will be blue, and which rows will be the red and white stripes.

Tray of mason jars for flag shape.

2. Paint each mason jar its designated color. Chalky finish paint is ideal for glassware because it applies nicely without primer. One coat of paint was applied. (You can find at your local craft supply store, like Michaels.)

FiftyFlowers- eHow DIY Step 1\2

3. Distress the paint finish with a fork or what ever tool you have available to scrape the sides. This will expose the diamond pattern on the jars.

FiftyFlowers- eHow DIY Step 3

4. Use a clean brush to apply a layer of creme wax over the chalky top coat. The creme wax is specially formulated to seal the chalky finish paint, while giving it an antique finish.

FiftyFlowers- eHow DIY Step 4

5. Once the jar is covered with creme wax, quickly wipe off the excess with a clean cloth. By now, the paint is sealed and the brown creme wax is in the grooves of the jar. This really adds a rustic and antique feel!

FiftyFlowers- eHow DIY Step 5

6. Use your choice of decorative 4th of July-themed ribbon and wrap around each jar. Make sure to secure the ends with hot glue.

FiftyFlowers- eHow DIY Step 6

7. Place each mason jar in their designated spot. Once they're all in order, add fresh cool water to each jar. Give the stems a fresh trim (make sure they're all the same length) before placing them in the jars.

FiftyFlowers- eHow DIY Step 7

And there you have it! A simple DIY project that can take your 4th of July decor to the next level! Bonus: Not only does this serve as a centerpiece, but also as a party favor for your guests!

Ready to rock the Red, White and Blue? Shop our flowers by color to see beautiful blooms that will match any color palette!


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