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DIY Wedding Arch Tips and Tricks

Julia Thompson 08 Sep 2022
DIY Wedding Arch Featured Image mountain wedding with hexagon arch with floral focal points

Looking for the perfect picture spot that will make your wedding truly unforgettable? Enter: DIY Wedding Arches. Gone are the days of simple wedding arches; now, works of art carefully crafted just for your special day are in trend. Our in-house floral experts have some tips and tricks to help you create a DIY flower arch masterpiece that suits your theme and style.


DIY Wedding Arch circle arch with a mix of dried and fresh florals in focal points


Play With Structure

Break away from the traditional arch shape and explore different focal points like circles or triangles. Rather than covering the entire structure with flowers, focus on strategic spots for your arrangements. Add plenty of lush greenery like Cotinus Smoke Bush, and complement it with beautiful Ginger Cream Garden Rose for soft colors. This approach not only saves on expenses but also creates a balanced and eye-catching backdrop for stunning photos of the happy couple and their wedding party.

Get the look:


    DIY Wedding Arch boho half arch installation next to vintage chair with earth tones

    Dried flowers are your friend!

    Opt for dried flowers to ensure your arch decorations last throughout the wedding and even beyond. The different textures of dried flowers add depth and uniqueness to your structure. Flowers like Dried Straw Flower and Dried Red Protea Flower provide a pop of color to any arrangement. To create a floating illusion, use a clear fishing line to support and anchor the frame to the wall.

    Get the look:


    DIY Wedding Arch traditional wedding arch with classic white roses


    Go Green

    Utilize greenery as the primary décor for your arch, and accentuate it with bursts of colored flowers. Greenery is not only beautiful but also budget-friendly, allowing you to create a lush and full backdrop without breaking the bank. Different shades of green, along with white or blush flowers, enhance the depth and natural elegance of your display.

    Get the look:


    DIY Wedding Arch rectangle arch with blush and burgundy roses and garden roses and white lace curtain


    Less is More… Sometimes

    For a classic look, focus on a corner or the top of your arch with varying shades of white flowers. Mix different flowers and shades of the same colors, and combine them with your favorite greenery as fillers. Add a soft fabric that drapes over the arch, complementing fresh flowers like Burning Love Garden Rose and Fuchsia Purple Wholesale Carnation. Fill the open spaces with greenery and stems like Airbrushed Sage for a lush look.

    Get the look:



    DIY Wedding Arch Maximalist whimsical arch installation


    More is More!

    If you're a flower lover, go all out with an over-the-top DIY wedding arch filled with an abundance of beautiful blooms and greenery. Embrace a maximalist approach and combine flowers like Party Peach Dahlia FlowerHydrangea Blue and White, and Peach Encounter Rose. When you think you've added enough flowers, add some more for a truly enchanting display.

    Get the look:

    DIY Wedding Arches: So Much More Than Decor

    The wedding arch holds special meaning as it symbolizes the future home of the bride and groom. By adding your personal touch and style to this traditional structure, you create a unique and meaningful centerpiece for your special day.

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    Originally written by Crystal Hughes

    Featured Image - Photography: Rob_Plus_Kristen

    Circle Structure - Photographer: Laura Moll Photo, Florist: White Blooms Floral

    Greenery Arch - Photographer: Kate Elizabeth Photography, Florist: Creations by Becca

    Simple Arch - Photography: Radion Photography, Stylist: Wedding Chicks

    Full Flower Arch - Photographer: 618 Studios, Floral Design: Inessa Nichols Design

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