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DIY Wedding Arch Tips and Tricks

Your wedding will be picture-perfect regardless of season, color, or location. But what about the spot? You know, the perfect picture spot that is unique and on theme. The potential profile pic. Any blushing bride or groom wants an elegant and eye-catching place for the best picture. Enter: DIY Wedding Arches. Gone are the days of simple arches. Works of art carefully crafted just for your special day are in. the trend is now to Here are a few tips from our FiftyFlowers team to create the most magnificent flower arch masterpiece!


DIY Wedding Arch


Play with structure

You don’t always need the traditional arch. Play with different shapes like circles or triangles as your focal point. Instead of the classic way of filling the entire form of your structure with flowers, choose a few places to focus your arrangements. Use lots of greenery for fillers like Cotinus Smoke Bush. Add sprinkles of soft colors with beautiful Ginger Cream Garden Rose. This will save on your expenses and help balance your backdrop. Spotlight your wedding colors in your DIY wedding arch and create the perfect background for drop-dead gorgeous photos of the happy couple and their wedding party.

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DIY Wedding Arch Structure
Dried flowers are your friend!

Not only will dried flowers last longer, but they will also keep your structure intact for the entire wedding. Maybe even one of the trending day-after-wedding brunches too! If you want your decorations to keep going, use these beautiful, dried flowers to decorate. Playing with the different textures of dried flowers will add depth to your structure. Flowers like Dried Straw Flower and Dried Red Protea Flower will also provide a pop of color to any arrangement. This half-arch structure is a burst of style and flair. Use a clear fishing line to support and anchor the frame to the wall to create the floating illusion.

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DIY Wedding Arch Green


Go for the green

Greenery will always bring a beautiful, natural look to your special event. Use greenery as your primary décor for your arch, and then sprinkle bursts of colored flowers in pockets of the structure. For our bride on a budget, greenery is also the perfect answer if you want to create a lush and full backdrop without spending your entire budget. Utilizing different shades of green will enhance the depth of your display and look beautiful with white or blush wedding dresses.

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DIY Wedding Arch Simple


Less is more…sometimes

Focus on a corner or top of your arch with beautiful varying shades of white for the perfect classic look to your wedding structure. Play with different flowers and shades of the same colors and mix them with your favorite greenery as fillers. A soft fabric that drapes over the arch to complement fresh flowers like Burning Love Garden Rose and Fuchsia Purple Wholesale Carnation is the perfect balance between soft and colorful. Then fill the open spaces with greenery and stems like Airbrushed Sage for a lush look.

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DIY Wedding Arch Maximalist


More is more!

If you are a flower lover like we are at FiftyFlowers, you will love this inspiration! Fill your arch with flowers, greenery, filler, and more. Go for an over-the-top DIY wedding arch filled with beautiful blooms like Party Peach Dahlia FlowerHydrangea Blue and White, and Peach Encounter Rose. When you think you are done, add more!

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DIY wedding arches are so much more than just decor. The wedding arch resembles the future home for the bride and groom. The traditional structure has been around for many years. As traditions remain essential in every wedding ceremony, adding a little style and twist creates special meaning. If you're planning your special day and want to include an arch, be creative and add your personal touch to this meaningful piece of art.


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Circle Structure:

Greenery Arch

Simple Arch

Full Flower Arch:

Originally written by Crystal Hughes

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