A DIY flower bouquet bar for bridal showers and brunches

DIY Flower Bar: The Perfect Brunch or Bridal Shower Activity

Plan a DIY Flower Bar!

We've unlocked the key to hosting an unforgettable event for your girls: A DIY flower bar! Whether it's for bridal showers, baby showers, or Galentine's Day (which, in the wise words of Leslie Knope, is all about “ladies celebrating ladies”) this flower activity is trending big time, and for good reason. A Make Your Own Bouquet Bar gives your guests a unique experience, and a fun party favor to take home with them. 

Selecting Blooms for Your DIY Flower Bar

The first step to setting up your DIY flower bar is choosing the right blooms. A good place to start is by browsing different styles of Flower Combo Boxes from FiftyFlowers. A combo box comes with roughly three to five different types of flowers and/or greenery. You will find most boxes come with a thriller, spiller, and filler:

  • The thriller, your focal flower, is considered your WOW factor - like a rose of protea.
  • The spiller is going to add texture and depth to the bouquet or arrangement. An example of a spiller flower is hanging amaranthus. This could also be your greenery!
  • Finally, a DIY Combo Box includes a filler. Filler flowers help fill in the space between everything else in your bouquet, giving it that rich, full appearance. An example of this would be baby’s breath or wax flowers.

DIY combo pack with filler flowers, focal flowers, and greenery for bouquet bar

Combo packs are an easy way to choose your flowers because they come with a collection of flowers that are pre-designed to look beautiful together! If you aren't sure what flowers to choose for your bouquet bar, this is a great option for you. There are endless colors and styles to select from. You can browse all of our DIY Combo Packs here.

If you have a more specific vision for your flower bar, try ordering wholesale flowers by color or variety and set those out for your guests to design with. Feel free to mix and match combo packs, or order extra bulk flowers to add to the selection! 

The Bouquet Bar Experience

Designing flowers with your friends and family is a wonderful bonding experience. If it’s your first-time designing flowers, we guarantee there will be no shortage of laughter and giggling. Everyone involved will want to share their pointers and advice, because no one person designs the same. 

This activity is great for bridal showers because it gives the bride, and her loved ones, a chance to get familiar with flowers before the big day. For those doing their own wedding flowers, a DIY flower bar is a great hands-on experience with floral design!

bride holds bridal shower flower arrangement

How to Set Up a DIY Flower Bouquet Bar

1.) Order Wholesale Flowers

To get this activity set up for your event, you'll want to start by ordering affordable flowers. We recommend ordering in bulk, so you can provide a large selection of stems for all of your guests. Buying wholesale flowers also helps keep the cost at a minimum!

As mentioned before, your bouquet bar should include focal flowers, filler flowers, and some greenery. The more flower options you have, the more creativity people will be able to express while designing their arrangements! Once you've filled your cart with your selection of flowers, or have picked the perfect DIY combo pack for you, you'll need to select a delivery date. We recommend having your flowers delivered 2-3 days before you event to allow for hydration.

2.) Take Care of the Flowers

When your flowers arrive on your doorstep, it's time to take care of them so they stay beautiful by the time your event rolls around! It's important to cut your stems, and place them in water. We also recommend adding some flower food to their water, removing extra foliage, and storing them in a cool, dry place.

For more information on how to properly handle your flowers once they arrive, check out our Flower Care page!

pink anemones and garden roses for bridal shower flower bar

3.) Create Signs and Labels

Having the right signage will give your guests a better DIY flower bar experience. Here are some signs and labels you should consider crafting:

  • A large sign that says "Bouquet Bar," "Make Your Own Bouquet," or something similar
  • Smaller signs to label each flower type
  • Signs that guide your guests through the step by step process of creating a bouquet

4.) Design a DIY Flower Bar Display

Once your flowers are all hydrated, it's time to set them out for your guests to enjoy and use! There are lots of unique ways to display the wholesale flowers you'll be providing. We recommend using vases or buckets filled with fresh, cool water. Adding other personal touches like candles, tablecloths, or frames will take your DIY flower bar to the next level.

A DIY flower bar set up with vases and signs

5.) Provide the Finishing Touches

Finally, you'll want to provide a way for your guests to take home their final product. This could mean providing floral wire and some pretty ribbon, or gifting everyone a small vase for them to hold their arrangement in.

Once you've set up all of these elements, your bouquet bar should be complete and ready to be enjoyed!

Bridal Shower Inspiration

Check out these awesome pictures from Sarah Tucker's blog to see how easy it can be to host your own DIY flower bar using whatever colors and flowers your heart desires. She used bulk blooms from FiftyFlowers, yummy food, and lots of other thoughtful details to bring this flower-inspired bridal shower to life. 

Here are some of the wholesale flowers that were used for this bride's DIY flower bar:

DIY flower bar with vases and signsFlower themed bridal shower brunchBridal shower inspiration flowers and foodPink and white flowers and greenery set out for a diy flower barBouquet bar flowers in vasesPink flowers for bridal showerDIY flower bar bridal shower set up with signs and vases

DIY flower bar with pink flowers and greeneryBridal shower flower arrangement tropical pink and white flowersA red table setting for bridal showersIced tea and champagne bucket on pink tableclolths

Pink anemones, filler flowers, and greenery for bridal shower bouquet bar
table decorations for flower themed bridal shower

Bridal shower picnic with pillows, candles, and greenery garland

(Full-Color Napkins: For Your Party, Personalized Stir Sticks: For Your Party, Planning and Execution: Molly Boyd Event Design, Catering: Zoes, Custom Backdrop: Shindigz, Source: Sarah Tucker, Flowers: FiftyFlowers)

Design a bouquet in your favorite color palette, practice making your wedding bouquets, or later gift your bouquets to a senior home or local hospital. Once you know the joy of designing flower arrangements, you'll want to share that joy with others! 

At FiftyFlowers, we offer a wide selection of wholesale flowers, DIY flower combos, and Ready to Go Arrangements for your wedding, bridal shower, and everything in between. Our flowers ship FREE, directly from the farms to your arms, guaranteeing the best price and freshest quality. 

We're here to help you throughout your flower journey. Follow us on Instagram, Facebook, and Pinterest for inspiration, tips, and trends.

Originally Written by Mariah Hebbeln, Updated by Leah Britt Jan 2022

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