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DIY Corsage in 5 Easy Steps {+video tutorial!!}

Lisa Waddington 09 Sep 2022
DIY Corsage featured image

Wondering how to make a corsage? Making a DIY corsage is simpler than you think, especially with wrist corsages!

Whether you're gearing up for a wedding or prom night, a corsage is the final touch to your formal ensemble — it's also a fun project for all the DIY babes out there. (Bonus, it will save you money!)

With a few supplies and easy-to-follow instructions, you can make your own DIY corsage in no time! It's so easy you don't need floral wire or tape to create this beautiful wristlet. You can also make a corsage that attaches to your clothing with a pin or pair of magnets.

Pro tip: if you're planning on making corsages yourself, do it the day before or the day of your event so your corsage is at peak freshness! Also, consider spraying some Professional Glory, which helps prevent moisture loss, if you're worried about the flowers wilting.

Here's what you'll need to make a DIY corsage:

  • Ribbon
  • Floral glue or hot glue gun
  • Wristlet
  • Shears

You can pick up most of these items at your local craft or grocery store or get all your supplies in our handy . You'll also, of course, need flowers. Here are the exact flowers we used to create this wrist corsage:

DIY Corsage - Wrist corsage with white flowers
  • 1 stem of creamy white spray roses
  • 1 stem of Italian Ruscus
  • A sprig of white wax flower
  • 1 stem of Parvifolia
  • A sprig of seeded eucalyptus

You can make one identical to ours, or you can play around and choose different colors, flowers, and greenery to complete the look on your own! Carnations, baby's breath, billy balls, cremons, and thistle are hardy and long-lasting blooms perfect for DIY corsages.

Read on to learn exactly how to make a DIY corsage.

1. Prep Your Corsage Flowers

Before jumping in, ensure all your flowers are processed and hydrated. This means removing any access greenery or guard petals, trimming the stems, and placing them in fresh cool water. (Spray roses may have two to three outer petals that need to be plucked off.)

In addition to removing petals, you'll also need to trim the flower stems. Remove the stems, so all you're left with is the bloom itself. When it comes to greenery, trim each sprig to about three inches.

2. Tie a Decorative Bow

DIY corsage - decorative bow on corsage

Tie your ribbon into a decorative bow and onto the wrap wristlet. Once you're happy with the bow shape, trim off the Italian Ruscus leaves from about two sprigs. Apply a small amount of glue onto the back of the leaves. If you're using floral glue, allow the glue to become tacky before placing it on the wrap wristlet. Once the glue is tacky, put a few leaves around the wristlet's base. In this case, we glued three leaves on either side of the bow.

3. Layer Your Greenery

DIY corsage tutorial steps

Next up, you'll need three springs of Parvifolia. Apply the glue and then overlap the Parvifolia with the Italian Ruscus. To add extra texture, add a couple of sprigs of seeded eucalyptus between the ribbon. Set the corsage aside for 5 to 10 minutes for the glue set.

4. Trim Your Flowers

DIY corsage tutorial steps

When trimming your spray roses, we recommend cutting as much of the stem as possible, leaving a flat base. Then apply the glue (wait a few seconds for the adhesive to become tacky) and place the bloom in the center. Place the other two flowers on the sides.

5. Fill in Your Corsage

DIY corsage tutorial steps - wrist corsage with wax flowers

Next, you'll want to fill out the corsage. That's where (the aptly named) filler flowers come in. Filler flowers are generally smaller and can add volume to a corsage, arrangement, or bouquet. For this corsage, we used a sprig of wax flower and then trimmed five blooms. Place these smaller blooms throughout the corsage. Make sure to fill in any empty areas and add texture.

Voilà — now you know how to make a DIY corsage whenever an occasion calls for one! To keep the corsage fresh, place it in the refrigerator. Note: if you used floral glue instead of hot glue, give the corsage ten minutes to fully dry before you pop it in the fridge.

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