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Create Stunning Wedding Displays with Bulk Calla Lilies: Tips and Ideas

Kailee Palileo 21 Dec 2023
purple and white calla lilies is large clear round vase in front of white couch

Weddings are a true reflection of personal style, where couples have the opportunity to create a masterpiece that is uniquely their own. The exquisite trumpet shape of the calla lily adds a touch of sophistication and elegance to any wedding display.

Selecting the perfect flowers for your big day is like choosing a fine wine - it requires careful consideration. At FiftyFlowers, we understand the importance of every bloom in telling the story of your wedding. We are here to turn your dreams into breathtaking realities, ensuring that your special day is nothing short of extraordinary.

Selecting Calla Lilies: Colors and Types

Calla lilies come in an enthralling spectrum varying from pristine white, which symbolizes purity and innocence, to deeper hues like magenta, signifying passion and intensity. It is essential to understand the emotive language of colors to select lilies that align with your wedding's theme and aesthetic. Consider also the size and form, from the standard long-stemmed varieties to the more diminutive, midi-type callas, to curate a look that is exclusively yours.

The choice of Calla Lily should seamlessly integrate with your design narrative. Opt for varieties like the classic 'Zantedeschia aethiopica' for timeless elegance or the 'Crystal Blush' for a subtle hint of color that radiates understated sophistication. Selecting the right type can transform the atmosphere of your venue, creating an immersive experience for you and your guests.

Matching Colors to Your Theme

Pink, purple, orange, and white calla lilies in a bunch up close

When planning your wedding, color harmonization is pivotal, crafting a cohesive aesthetic. Calla lilies offer a palette that can complement or boldly contrast your chosen motif. Select colors that resonate with your emotional intent and visual design.

Incorporate calla lilies that mirror your theme's finesse; whether seeking serenity with soft pastels or ardor with vibrant tones, these flowers adapt. Assessing the nuance in each hue can elevate the thematic expression, ensuring a tailored floral narrative.

Picker’s insight: Calla lilies’ sleek form heightens their color’s impact, producing a sophisticated effect.

Curating your wedding's color scheme isn’t just about the flowers; it encompasses the entire venue decor. However, calla lilies, with their array of colors and shapes, add that transformative touch. Place them with precision to evoke the exact ambiance you envision, exuding elegance at every glance.

Understanding Calla Lily Varieties

 white and green calla lilies up close

Calla lilies come in an array of captivating hues, each one, from perfect whites to deep purples, a unique expression of nature's palette. Known for their distinctive trumpet-shaped blossoms, they epitomize grace and sophistication in any setting.

Opt for mini varieties for delicate accents or full-sized blooms for a bold statement. Each cultivar offers a different aesthetic potential, from classic elegance to modern flair.

Hybrids, like the Picasso calla lily, present striking patterns and hues, adding unexpected intrigue to bouquets and arrangements. These varieties allow for creative freedom and artistic expression like no other.

The size and shape of calla lilies can greatly influence the design of your arrangements, offering structural versatility. Consider long-stemmed varieties for tall, elegant bouquets or shorter stems for compact, lush centerpieces. Beyond the visual allure, the durability of calla lilies makes them a favorite. Their robust nature ensures they remain splendid from the first photo until the final dance, exuding a pristine charm throughout your event.

Ultimately, your choice of calla lily should reflect your personal style and wedding theme. Selecting the perfect variety requires an eye for detail and an appreciation for the flower's exquisite versatility.

Crafting the Perfect Arrangements

Bouquet with pink calla lilies and other pink flowers being held

To achieve harmonious symmetry, balance your calla lilies with complementary foliage and accent flowers. This creates an aesthetic unity that accentuates the bride's vision, establishing a sophisticated ambiance.

When it comes to construction, remember that simplicity often reigns supreme; allow the calla lilies' natural elegance to dominate. Opt for minimalistic designs that highlight their sleek lines and distinct form, ensuring they hold a place of prominence in your displays.

Embrace texture as a silent yet potent communicator within your arrangements. Subtly incorporate elements like ferns or lamb's ear to add visual interest to the clean silhouettes of the calla lilies.

    Calla Lilies Care and Handling

    purple and white calla lilies in a large round clear vase on a wooden table

    To ensure your calla lilies maintain their alluring appeal from the moment they arrive, proper care is imperative. Begin with a clean, sharp cut to the stems, ideally at a 45-degree angle, which maximizes water intake, essential for their vigor and longevity. Submerge the stems in approximately three to four inches of fresh, cool water, and keep them in a well-ventilated area away from direct sunlight and excess heat which can hasten wilting.

    Change the water regularly to prevent bacterial growth, which can be detrimental to the health of the calla lilies. Additionally, handle these sublime blooms with the utmost care; their stems are notably delicate and can bruise easily, affecting their posture and overall appearance in your wedding displays.

    Preparing for Arrangement

    Before arranging bulk calla lilies, ensure everything is pristine and ready.

    1. Condition the Blooms: Rehydrate your calla lilies in fresh, cool water for at least a few hours.
    2. Prep the Stems: Trim the ends at a 45-degree angle to promote optimal water absorption.
    3. Select Your Vase: Choose a clean vase that complements the lilies' elegance.
    4. Arrange Your Tools: Have floral tape, shears, and any other design aids by your side.Organization is key; lay out your lilies and materials for efficient assembling.From here, let creativity lead as you construct your bespoke floral displays.

    Prolonging Floral Freshness

    Trim stems at an angle upon arrival. Fresh water is crucial; a common guideline is to change it every two days. Careful attention to the water quality extends the vitality of your calla lilies. Replenishing the water not only hydrates but also rids the environment of potential bacteria, which could compromise your flowers before the big day.

    Use floral preservatives to extend bloom life. Cleanliness is critical for longevity. Vases should be spotless and the water free of debris. Avoid over-crowding your blooms, as proper circulation is essential to maintain their freshness. Keep your lilies away from direct sunlight. Fresh cut flowers, including calla lilies, thrive in cooler temperatures. So, to sustain their splendor, find a cool spot away from windows and heat sources.

    Buying Calla Lilies in Bulk

    Yellow bulk calla lilies in a white vase on a wooden table

    Embrace the sophistication of calla lilies for your wedding by purchasing them in bulk. This approach not only ensures consistency across your arrangements but also offers a cost-effective solution. Planning with bulk flowers allows you to allocate blooms for every aspect of your ceremony and reception, while creating a cohesive aesthetic theme.

    When obtaining calla lilies wholesale, sourcing from a reputable supplier guarantees freshness and quality. Take advantage of the wide array of hues available, ensuring that these elegant stems flawlessly complement your wedding color palette. Bulk purchasing also provides the freedom to create lavish, abundant displays that captivate your guests.

    Timing Your Purchase Right

    When planning for your wedding, timing is essential, especially when it involves perishable items like calla lilies. Ordering too early or too late could result in less than perfect blooms. Ideally, schedule delivery 3 days before your event. This allows blossoms to open beautifully.

    Confirm with your supplier the best time for arrival based on their expertise, considering factors (like climate conditions and holidays) that may influence shipping. Allow the flowers time to acclimate and hydrate after their journey to ensure their elegance for your big day, following the supplier's care instructions meticulously.

    Incorporate the lilies into your arrangements as soon as possible to maximize their freshness, giving them enough time to settle and open for a stunning display. Lastly, adding a buffer for any potential delays is wise. Early arrival gives you leeway to remedy any issues and ensure your calla lilies are perfect.

    At FiftyFlowers, we understand the significance of each bloom in telling your wedding story. Our commitment is to turn your dreams into breathtaking realities, ensuring your special day is nothing short of extraordinary with the timeless elegance of calla lilies.

    Explore the diverse spectrum of calla lilies at FiftyFlowers to curate a look that is exclusively yours. From classic elegance to modern flair, our collection offers aesthetic versatility for your wedding. Connect with us to bring the transformative touch of calla lilies to your arrangements, creating an atmosphere of sophistication and elegance that resonates throughout your special day.


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