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Blooms of June: Top 10 Flowers Perfect for Your Summer Wedding

Kailee Palileo 08 May 2024
girl holding two bunches of white peonies

Welcome June! For those planning a summertime wedding, this warm and ethereal month provides a prolific assortment of floral gems. Let's dive into the top 10 flowers most suitable for your June wedding and fill your special day with an irresistible mix of aesthetic appeal, delightful aroma, and everlasting elegance.


pink peony on wooden table

The charming peonies! Their luxurious, fluffy petals and alluring aroma make these romantic flowers a preferred choice for summer weddings. Available in a spectrum of colors from soft blush pink to vivid coral, peonies lend an air of grandeur and romance to any bouquet or centerpiece.


Embodying love, passion, and perpetual beauty, roses are a traditional preference for weddings all through the year. In June, these evergreen blossoms are in full bloom, presenting a variety of shades from delicate pastels to rich jewel tones. Regardless of whether they're the sole flower or mixed with others, roses contribute sophistication and romance to any wedding ceremony.


Purple dahlias in a bunch close up

Vibrant, stunning, and full of character, dahlias are an eye-catching selection for summer weddings. With their complicated petal structures and lively hues, dahlias bring a dramatic element to bouquets, centerpieces, and floral installations, thereby infusing your wedding with individuality and panache.


Exuding warmth and delight, sunflowers epitomize summer through their jovial blooms and upbeat personality. Ideal for rustic and outdoor weddings, sunflowers contribute a whimsical and charming element to bouquets and decor, reflecting the free-spirited tone of the season.


single stem hydrangea that is blue held in hand

Soft, romantic, and irresistibly dreamy, hydrangeas are a classic choice for summer weddings. With their full-bodied blooms and tender petals, hydrangeas exude elegance and grace in bouquets, centerpieces, and floral compositions, crafting a timeless and mesmerizing atmosphere.


With its enchanting aroma and heavenly aura, lavender introduces an element of romance and nostalgia to summer weddings. It can be used as filler in bouquets and boutonnieres or as an aromatic accent in centerpieces and decor, enhancing your wedding with its soothing scent and organic charm.


Blue delphinium flower stem

Tall, majestic, and absolutely bewitching, delphiniums are an impressive selection for summer weddings. Their tall stalks of blooming flowers and vivacious colors make a daring statement in bouquets and arrangements, providing height, drama, and visual appeal to your floral decor.


Delicate, romantic, and exceedingly elegant, lisianthus is a favored choice for summer weddings. Their lacy petals and subtle hues impart a vintage charm and elegance to bouquets and arrangements, crafting a timeless and romantic ambiance.


Red zinnia flower up close

Colorful, joyful, and vibrant, zinnias are a delightful option for summer weddings. Their robust blooms and lively character contribute a touch of whimsy and happiness to bouquets, centerpieces, and floral decor, infusing your celebration with fun and excitement.

Calla Lilies

Sleek, refined, and incredibly graceful, calla lilies are a timeless selection for summer weddings. With their elegant curves and sculptural beauty, calla lilies introduce a hint of modern glamour to bouquets and arrangements, creating a chic and fashionable ambiance.

Delight in the Wonders of June Blooms

From the romantic charm of peonies to the lively appeal of zinnias, June offers a variety of floral wonders waiting to be unearthed. Regardless of whether you envision a romantic garden wedding or a sophisticated modern event, these top 10 flowers will surely heighten your summer festivities with their beauty and class. So revel in the splendor of June blooms and let your love flourish in the warm embrace of summer.


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