Sarracenia Pitcher Plant

Sarracenia Pitcher Plant

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Sarracenia Pitcher Plant

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Why You'll love the Sarracenia Pitcher Plant

Sarracenia Pitcher Plant is an incredibly unique fresh cut flower that can be used as an accent green or as a focal flower. A whimsical flower, this amazing fresh cut plant will transport you to a magical fairytale forerst. Pitcher plants are tall and slender with, you guessed it, a rounded pitcher on top! Delicate veins of color branch out along the 'bloom' in a lacy web. Blend these blooms with other exotic flowers like birds of paradise and orchids for a blow your mind bouquet. 

Average Stem Length: 12 inches

Average Bloom Size: 3 inches

Recommended Delivery Date: 2 days before your event

  • If your event is Saturday suggested delivery date is Thursday.
  • Sarracenia Pitcher Plants are available from May though September with some gaps.*
  • This greenery is shipped by the stem.
  • Pitcher Plant color may vary according to weather.
  • Pitcher Plant color may vary according to weather.
  • Expected vase life is an average of 5 to 7 days.
  • Since flowers are a product of Mother Nature and due to variation in monitor resolutions, the exact color tones of this Green may vary to some degree.

*Package contents and prices are based on availability and are subject to change due to weather and market conditions.

+In the event that a substitution may be necessary to make certain that your greens are delivered on time, we take the utmost care in assuring that your order is as similar to your original choice as possible even if this means substituting greens of higher value. While we will always try to inform under these circumstances, substitutions may be shipped without verbal confirmation from you.