OASIS Wreath Base, 15 Inch

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With many different display options, these OASIS® Wreath Bases are sure to add a magical touch to your event. With the OASIS® Floral Maxlife foam secured to the wreath base, your flowers will be secure and hydrated throughout your event. Take your holiday decorating to the next level and create fresh flower masterpieces that can be used in almost any setting. Add some freshness to your Thanksgiving day table or brighten up your front door. The possibilities are endless with the easy-to-use Wreath Bases from OASIS®. 


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Satisfaction Guaranteed

100% Satisfaction Guaranteed

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About the OASIS Wreath Base, 15 Inch

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  • The OASIS® Wreath Bases are filled with Standard OASIS® Floral Maxlife and secured with clips 
  • These are great to display upright, hanging or flat for tribute wreaths, stage work, party work, holiday décor and more
  • The bases are 15 Inch Outside Diameter x 3 Inches Wide x 2-3/4 Inches High, Inside Diameter is 9 Inches
  • For use with fresh flowers
  • Genuine OASIS™ professional grade floral products shipped directly from Smithers OASIS™ warehouse
  • Shipping included in listed price - save time and let us deliver directly to you
  • Non-perishable supplies are ground shipped and may arrive prior to the delivery date you select. Please take this into consideration when choosing your delivery date and shipping address.
Storing Floral Foam:
  • Store at room temperature and away from heat and humidity.
  • Avoid storing in places where the foam may be indented or crushed; this may weaken the structure of the foam when arranging. 
  • Fill a clean container with fresh water. 
How To Use Floral Foam:
  • Set the foam brick onto the top of the water. Do not force the foam down into the water. 
  • Allow the foam to submerge into the water. 
  • Depending on the size of the floral foam, this process takes an average of one to five minutes. Do not overcrowd the container; this will prolong the process.
  • Floral foam can remain underwater for up to 24 hours, but is not recommended to remain submerged longer. 
  • Remove the foam from the water and begin your arrangements.
+ FiftyFlowers reserves the right to accept or reject any return item during COVID because of product handling.
+ FiftyFlowers reserves the right to accept or reject any return item during COVID because of product handling.

Our floral supplies are not perishable and can be delivered prior to receiving your flowers. For your supplies, we recommend selecting a delivery date two weeks prior to your event or wedding. Your supplies will arrive by the day you select on the calendar, but will most likely arrive before this date. Please take this into consideration when choosing your delivery date.