LOMEY® Pedestal Foam, Small

LOMEY Pedestal Foam, Small

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LOMEY Pedestal Foam, Small

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Why You'll love the LOMEY Pedestal Foam, Small

Make arranging with columns and pedestals quick, easy and even more striking with LOMEY® Pedestal Foam. Soak the foam in water until completely saturated, then place atop the pedestal or the column for a flat surface. Gently press the stems of your flowers into the foam, designing until you’ve completed your perfect arrangement. The foam will keep it balanced with ease atop the pedestal, secure and gorgeous. There will be no need to worry about pesky vases, and the cascading arrangement you create will be the center of attention for a wonderful event.

  • 2-1/4 inch cage with OASIS® Floral Foam with a solid flat base for adding a fresh floral accent to your Column or Pedestal display.
  • Can also be used in baskets and other smaller containers.
  • For use with fresh flowers.
  • Genuine LOMEY professional grade floral products shipped directly from Smithers OASIS™ warehouse.
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