Essential DIY Wedding Flower Designer Tool Kit

Essential DIY Wedding Flower Designer Tool Kit

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Essential DIY Wedding Flower Designer Tool Kit

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Why You'll love the Essential DIY Wedding Flower Designer Tool Kit

Care for your flowers with our Essential DIY Wedding Flower Designer Tool Kit to ensure their health and longevity. This is the perfect flower care kit, especially for the modern DIY wedding flower arranger! Our kit includes bunch cutters for trimming unnecessary plant limbs and allowing flowers to absorb water more effectively, wire cutters for easier use of floral wire in your arrangements, ribbon shears for providing precise and consistent cuts in your arranging ribbons, and high-quality flower food to keep your flowers healthy and preserved for an extended period of time. This kit is perfect for anyone, floral design experts, people learning how to DIY flowers for weddings, and everyone in between!

Learn all about the uses of this amazing floral design tool kit with Vonda LaFever, floral designer and AIFD certified. 

  • Easy to use, top rated professional floral supply kit bundled up in sizes perfect for your event
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Each product included in this kit has a specific purpose. Included with this kit is:

  • Bunch Cutter: For arrangements made with unique textures and branches, make cutting the stems of your filler and branches easy and timely with the Bunch Cutter. The stainless steel blades make for a durable tool that’s easy and comfortable to use again and again.
  • Wire Cutters: The wire cutters are durable with superior stainless steel blades, the cutters manage wire with ease and simplicity, overcoming the struggles of traditional wire cutters.
  • Ribbon Shears: Unlike regular scissors, the shears provide a clean and precise cut on your ribbon, rather than tearing at the material, making the creation process work best for your time, money, and ease
  • Flower Food: Increase the vitality of your fresh flowers for the best possible look at you event by using FloraLife Express Floral Food to bring out the best of your flowers and avoid wilting, browning, and premature bud opening before your event.